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Teams consider in-season F1 testing

19 July 2011

F1 teams have discussed the possibility of ending the current in-season testing ban to allow a limited number of sessions to take place from next year.

Currently, teams are unable to test during the season with any development work being carried out during practice at each race event over the course of the year.

That move has been branded as stupid by FIA president Jean Todt who has questioned whether or not some running should be allowed.

According to the French publication AutoHebdo, teams discussed lifting the in-season ban during a meeting at Silverstone, although 'little progress' was made during the discussions.

One suggestion that has been put forward would be for any testing in-season to be for younger drivers, as is the case with the end of season session held in Abu Dhabi in recent years.

"There has not yet been a vote, just some ideas about having a test for young drivers during the season,” Williams technical director Sam Michael is quoted as saying.

"It was on the table but we had many other things to deal with (at Silverstone)."