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Jordan relishing new competition

15 March 2012

Dubliner Eddie Jordan will again be teaming up with his two other 'Amigos' Jake Humphrey and David Coulthard for this years revamped BBC Formula One coverage, which was launched in London last week.

Away from the from the sport the main talking points centred around the reorganising of personnel which has been triggered by the introduction of competition from Sky Sports this year and led to the departure of Martin Brundle and Ted Kravitz.

Jordan seems totally unfazed by these departures and is relishing the upcoming fight this season with the competition that Sky's dedicated F1 channel brings.

"I still believe why the audience figures have grown to such a huge level in Formula One, is because it is more exciting, it is on the BBC which also helps, but I think the programme in the way it is was presented in the last couple of years, has really been a different class," he said. "Let's hope it shall continue because the great thing about opposition and competition is that it makes you fight and go stronger and harder.

“I am absolutely delighted that there is another rival team out there, and that is something that intrigued me. I get so high on a fight, I need to have that in there, other wise it becomes too easy."

The colourful Jordan added that he felt that the loss of half the live races to Sky was inevitable.

"We had all heard about cutbacks, we heard about the government austerity plans, and I think it was right that the BBC made the decision, and they will be proved right," he said. "In my opinion it will be proved doubly right by the end of next year because you will all be coming here and saying 'we had no idea how brilliant television does highlight programmes', and I think the surprise on our package is going to be the highlights.

“We do believe we can make very good live programmes and I think we have proved that. Without any question, the highlight programme - from what I understand with the structure, the way it is going to be presented and at a different tempo with a different magnitude of excitement – will show why these races be done on a highlight basis because it is going to be so good."

by Tony Gregory