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Glock going nowhere

10 August 2012

Timo Glock appears resigned to spending another season with the struggling Marussia team after maintaining that he does not wonder how his career may have panned out elsewhere.

Speaking to Germany's Motorsport-Total website, the former Toyota driver insists that he has never pondered what might have happened had he taken the opportunity to join Renault instead of Virgin back in 2010. While the Enstone team has returned to the front of the field after renaming itself as Lotus and hiring Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean for a fresh start in 2012, Glock has been pounding around at the opposite end of the field after committing himself to John Booth's start-up squad, and recently showed signs of frustration with his lot [see story here].

"In the same situation, I would do the same now," he insisted, before claiming that he's not lost any sleep over the decision to go to Virgin, "No, never. If I make a decision, and I know why I made the decision, then there's no point whining or wondering 'what if' afterwards. Only I know the situation as it was then, no one else, so what I decided was absolutely correct."

It was still surprising, however, when the German also chose to re-commit to the Banbury-based operation during his home grand prix weekend last year but, with another season remaining on his contract, he insists that he is not looking around for alternatives, despite some high-profile seats rumoured to becoming available.

"I know how my future looks," the 30-year old maintained, confirming that he is headed for a fourth season with his Russian-owned employer.