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Whitmarsh: Level of competitiveness in F1 stronger than ever

21 December 2012

McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh reckons the strength and depth of the F1 grid now is one of the strongest it has ever been.

McLaren were again one of the top teams in 2012, however, despite starting the year strongly, and ending with a win in Brazil, the squad's seventh of the season, the Woking-based outfit had to settle for third spot in the Constructors' championship, while its drivers, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button were only fourth and fifth in the Drivers' classification.

“The strength and depth of the grid in terms of drivers and teams in my view, casting back over 24 years personally, is stronger than it's ever been,” Whitmarsh told ESPNF1.com.

“It's more difficult to go out there week after week winning and being dominant, and that's good.

“It's been great that these last two or three years have been really good F1 seasons.”

So why has it been like that?

“You've got well-funded teams, a period of comparative rule stability and I think the tyres have been quite tricky. For a good first half of this year they were a baffling ingredient in the performance package. So I think all those things mean it's close,” he explained.