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Webber grateful for sensible heads

29 May 2013

Mark Webber has paid tribute to the drivers he was racing with in the Monaco Grand Prix, praising their experience when it came to passing moves.

While the likes of Jenson Button, Kimi Raikkonen, Fernando Alonso and Daniel Ricciardo had reason to feel aggrieved with moves pulled on them at the chicane, Webber's biggest moment came when Lewis Hamilton attempted to pull an unexpected pass at Rascasse, having fallen behind the two Red Bulls during the race's one and only pit-stop.

“I was probably just saving my tyres a bit too much and, yeah, he was going for a little bit of a surge,” the Australian said, claiming that he wasn't surprised by Hamilton's move, “They were probably a little bit more comfortable on the primes in certain performance areas of the circuit so, yeah, he was a little bit more comfortable on that section of the track. We knew we had a long way to go in the race and I had four or five laps less on my tyres, because I did the undercut on these guys.

“I had to give him room [and] I think experience helps in those scenarios. I thought he might tap me... I could just see him in the mirror and thought 'mmm, he's in there somewhere'. I had to give him the room and, thank God, we got round Rascasse together somehow. I think that was probably not that straightforward. [It wasn't] possible for the GP2 drivers, but us boys managed to pull it off - which we should be able to. It was a rewarding little battle.”

With Sergio Perez and Romain Grosjean both attracting further criticism for their passing attempts, Webber admitted he was pleased to have been racing with calmer heads at the front of the field.

“The guys I was with [are] very experienced and they know what they need to do and where to put the car so, unless you had a big discrepancy in tyre performance, like I did after my pit-stop, it was measured, controlled aggression, trying to nurse the tyres as best you can.”