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Sutil seeks blue flag clarification

11 June 2013

Adrian Sutil says he aims to seek clarification over F1's blue flag rules during the British Grand Prix weekend following the penalty he was handed in Canada.

The Sahara Force India man was hit with a drive-through penalty in Montreal for ignoring blue flags while the Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton was behind him, although he was still able to a points finish in tenth place.

Sutil was clearly unimpressed with the penalty handed out during the race, arguing that he hadn't cost Hamilton any time, and said was keen to receive clarification from officials on what drivers are expected to do in such a situation.

"I just want a real clear clarification of what do you do when you are in front and someone is lapping you, how many corners have you got time to let them by," he was quoted by Sky Sports "We don't know and Charlie [Whiting] says normally 'well, we have to find a way through if we are behind lapped cars' so that's what I did and that was my thinking.

"So I just had no clear instruction and it is really disappointing that they are not consistent in their decisions."

Sutil added that he planned to speak to Whiting himself to see how best to approach a similar situation in future.

"Yes, I will raise that in Silverstone and maybe also just talk to Charlie Whiting by myself,” he said. "I just like clear rules. We have a thousand different rules here but these kinds of things there is no clear clarification. When they see it on TV they give a penalty, if they don't see it they don't give a penalty."