What do you think of BT Sport’s coverage?

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Sat, 08/12/2017 - 16:19
MotoGP desk
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What do you think of BT Sport’s coverage?

Since taking over exclusive live broadcasting of MotoGP in the UK in 2014, BT Sport's broadcasting has split opinion while the main problem seems to be seeing the sport stuck behind the TV paywall which is hiding it from a larger audience.

How would you assess BT Sport's MotoGP coverage? Can more be done? What should change?

Sat, 08/12/2017 - 20:18
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BT Sports MotoGP coverage

superb coverage but I think more in depth interviews with the riders, let's get to know more about them.

Sat, 08/12/2017 - 20:58
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But sport

The duration and quality of the coverage of MotoGP is quite simply the best on TV.  It is within a Virgintv bundle and need not be paid for separately.  It is unfortunate that It isn't o terrestrial to but it wouldn't have the airtime it currently has if it was, it may be on a specialist niche channel but it is better for it......

Wed, 08/30/2017 - 21:45
bri t
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For a long time I only

For a long time I only watched the races on unofficial streams. Then when those sites got too cluttered with advertisments I decided to pay for BT Sport. So from my limited experience so far: I like JT's input, CE seem to be vague and saying the obvious. Perry seems on the ball. I wince when they chance a spur of the moment interview on the grid with a rider. And when a race is delayed, just change the record yadda yadda "What do these riders feel like". The race commentators still miss a trick or two regularly with regard splits and riders on the charge till its so bloomin obvious because they are right there in the same shot. But beats the ad laden streaming sites.

Sun, 10/08/2017 - 11:50
Stevie T
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Does not work for everyone........

Interesting debate and from when I've seen the races live on friends BT Sports coverage is certainly on a par with the BBC when they did it. However.......

I don't have Sky and so can't add it on (i.e. why should I pay for Sky, to get BT Sport, as I've never had the urge to get Sky for footie etc.).


Next is the lack of Virgin in my town and also broadband speeds are not up to it (and the fibre access has a waiting list).


i suspect I'm low down in the noise for Dorna, but I note that the MotoGP subscription in the UK is around 20/30% more expensive than for Ireland. One assumes to force people to go to BT Sport which is not available in Ireland.

So I'm forced to watch the highlights on Channel5, until such time as I get fibre and I can afford the MotoGP online package!

Sun, 10/08/2017 - 14:25
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Love BT coverage of motogp.

Love BT coverage of motogp. However I find some of the commentators (Keith Heuwen, Julian Ryder + James Toseland) are now like a stuck record. Every race weekend all you hear the same commentaries, more or less word for word. Its like Eat, sleep, commentate repeat.