Speaking at the final day of the World Series by Renault at the Circuit de Catalunya, Patrice Ratti reflected on the success of Renault as the World Series by Renault continues to grow.

Q: Renault have been at the forefront of great racing this year in F1 and with the World Series by Renault. How proud are you of this success?

Patrice Ratti: We are very proud! Our history with F1 is great and it will be our 12th title this year, this time with Red Bull. We are also very proud of the World Series by Renault, the progress that has been made and the season we have had. It has been very good.

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Q: Next year will be the tenth season of the World Series by Renault, a great milestone for you. Do you have anything planned to celebrate this?

Patrice Ratti: We have many plans, but we need to sort out these plans. We hope to mainly build on the success of last year but we would like to do something. It is a big deal for us at Renault to reach ten years, of this, we are very proud.
Q: How do you assess the season of your Formula Renault 3.5 champion, Kevin Magnussen this year?

Patrice Ratti: Kevin Magnussen has dominated the latter half of the season and is a deserving champion. I think also Stoffel Vandoorne has done very well this year; he won his first ever race as a rookie which has never been done before. He pushed Magnussen all the way to the final few races which is always good to see. I think they both deserve to be in F1. I would say, Magnussen now and Vandoorne later, maybe in a few years.