Jean-Pascal Dauce, Motorsport Director for Renault Sport Technologies, has confirmed that Renault is considering a move to join Formula 2 but remains in talks on the matter.

Dauce, speaking from the World Series by Renault round at Silverstone, admitted a move into F2 is potentially on the cards but their participation depends largely on Renault's F1 future. Much has been said of a possible Renault buy-out at Lotus and fractions between the engine suppliers and long-time partners Red Bull.

"We've been considering to make an offer, yes, but there are several constraints," he said, noting his talks with the FIA Single-Seater Commission president Stefano Domenicali. "One of them is that you must commit for seven years. How can you commit if you don't know that you are in F1?"

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The FIA-backed Formula 2 championship ended in 2012 with Luciano Bacheta crowned the final champion. The resurgence of the F1 feeder series was announced in the FIA's review of the super licence points system in January. Within the FIA's new structure, F2, which is not currently racing, can offer the highest quantity of super licence points - a factor which is enticing to Renault.

"If you are in F1 and you want the support of F2, then yes it makes sense," he continued. "F2 is a category that could have been our place but it is clear what we say to Stefano we are still interested in being contacted about F2 in the future because we never know."

In World Series by Renault Dauce has helped to promote the likes of Sebastian Vettel, Daniel Ricciardo and, most recently, Carlos Sainz to F1. In July, Renault removed its backing for the F1 feeder series, deciding to concentrate efforts elsewhere. Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup, within which Valtteri Bottas and Daniil Kvyat raced, will remain with Renault going forward.

"I am very proud that we have had young drivers from Mercedes, McLaren, Ferrari, Lotus and Red Bull into F1," Dauce said. "Of course I cannot always say that we have this with the 2.0 Eurocup so Renault will one day have an interest. I do believe that we need to have an eye on what happens below F1."