Duncan Tappy remains hopeful that he can land one of the remaining vacancies in the World Series by Renault, having taken his second UK national title in three years in 2007.

The former FFord title-winner came good in his second year of FRenault last season, earning himself an outing in Comtec's World Series car as part of his prize and, remaining in Valencia for the second day of the November test, also tried out with Fortec Motorsport, the team that had guided him to UK success in 2007.

Having found his feet in the Comtec car, the 23-year old made steady progress throughout the day, ending up with a creditable 13th fastest lap amongst drivers with previous World Series experience. Although disappointed to come up seven-thousandths of a second short of that time on the morning of day two, an improved car allowed him to better his benchmark by the end of the test with Fortec, and whetted his appetite for more.

"The difference between the FRenault and World Series cars is massive," he admitted to Crash.net Radio, reflecting on the steep learning curve he had to climb at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo, "The World Series car is huge, a big car with big slicks. It's almost an old-fashioned car with those tyres as the Formula One cars these days don't have them, and it's a physical car to drive. There is a lot more power, the braking is amazing and the amount of aero that the car creates is huge, so it was great experience to test as a prize for the winning the FRenault championship.

"It's where we're aiming to be this year. I want to race in World Series, it's looking likely and, fingers crossed, we'll be there. It's a question of putting sponsorship together and deciding which team to run with at the moment. We've got a few teams that are interested, which is a nice position to be in but, at that level and with me not coming from a wealthy background, we can't jut sign a cheque then and there, so we have to look at sponsors and other ways of finding the budget and that's what we're trying to do at the moment."

Tappy admitted that there were fallback options, most likely in Spain or America, should his ambitions not be fulfilled, but insisted that he was remaining single-minded for the time being.

"I'm really, really concentrating on making it to World Series because it's a big stepping stone into the limelight," he explained, "If we do that, and we want it bad enough, we'll get it. There's no reason why we can't make a good impact because the World Series has a new car, which plays into my hands as the people who have raced in the series before haven't raced that exact same car, so, all being well and if I'm with the right team and everything, then we could have a good year."