Roared on by strong home support, Pippa Mann was satisfied, rather than delighted, with her results in the latest World Series by Renault at Silverstone.

Producing two finishes in 19th and 20th positions, Mann was pleased with her consistency after a race long battle with Duncan Tappy.

"I started 20th and finished 20th," she told Radio after the second race. "There were some very quick people at the back of the grid and they came past at the start of the race. I had a pretty slow pit-stop, but I gained a few places because I was lapping well and I able to keep ahead of Tappy.

"What I hadn't realised was that I damaged my front-wing a little, which was fine in clear air. I was catching the car in front and I caught him with two laps to go, but that damage meant I had a complete loss of aero at the front and I ended up having to defend hard from Tappy."

Mann, however, did admit that she is finding it difficult to locate the sweet spot of her Formula Renault 3.5 machine this season.

New for this season, the 2008 chassis is an F1-inspired design, with sculpted flanks and more wings, but while the appearance of the car has been widely praised, Mann thinks this lean towards aero-dependency may have taken away some of the spectacle.

Indeed, in a race where overtaking was at a premium around a Silverstone circuit often conducive to passing manoeuvres, Mann believes the more intricate design of the latest evolution chassis has made it to difficult to get close to rivals on the race track.

"Silverstone has lots of sequences of very fast corners and it is always hard to get very close behind the car in front. Last year we were really able to get up behind the other car's rear-wing and get past, but this year's car is much more aero dependant and much more difficult to follow other cars.

"These cars with the aero on them this year, for some reason it is much harder. I think the system last year when we could get right up behind someone and could overtake was better for the drivers and better for the fans, but this is the way the series has decided to go."

Adding that several teams and drivers are struggling to find their feet with the new car, she wonders whether teams will miss it as much as the previous chassis when its development cycle ends in 2010.

"With the cars we had last year, we really could overtake and race them. The more places we go where we have aero on the car, we are really struggling.

"The new cars have been very difficult for many people, because there have been glitches. At the end of three years everyone may love this car as much as they loved the old one. This is a new car though, it's just there is a lot of head scratching going on at the moment."