Draco Racing team manager Nadia Morini has blasted what she calls as 'car hunters' after their drivers Marco Barba and Bertrand Baguette were involved in collisions during the latest World Series by Renault round at Silverstone.

Both Barba and Baguette had their races compromised at the British round of the championship with incidents that plummeted them down the order from decent positions.

For Barba, who had reached Superpole for the first time in his career, he was spun around in the first race by Fairuz Fauzy whilst running just outside the top five, while Baguette was dropped to the back of the field when he was tapped by Fabio Carbone at the start of race two.

Morini has since questioned the tactics used by rival drivers during the races, labelling them 'car hunters' for using 'strange methods' of driving.

"I am very satisfied for the race of Marco Barba. After a good Superpole, the race of Saturday has been without a podium because Barba was expelled of the track, and I want to underline expel, despite it being such a strong statement.

"He would certainly have deserved the podium, but he has lost many positions due to Fauzy, which was subsequently penalised, but he had already compromised the race of Marco.

"I give an explanation to my regret when I say 'car hunters'. Sport should grow young people with the feeling of honour, to arrive at the goal without strange methods. I see many drivers who use the system to throw out the enemy to eliminate the competitor.

"This method does not sit well with me and I hope that the drivers know that this is not a true victory. You can climb on the podium but if you look in the mirror in the evening you will have to tell the truth!

"The weekend of Bertrand has left us a little incredulous. Baguette is a good driver and certainly at Silverstone we did not see his potential. After good times in tests and in qualifying, he has unfortunately had all the work undone from Superpole with a bad second race. This is certainly an isolated incident. I believe in Bertrand and I am sure he will demonstrate his talent."