The Hitech Junior team, which won the Superleague Formula title this season and finished second in the Formula Renault UK Winter Cup, has announced a new partnership with CRS Racing for the 2010 season.

The deal will see the team renamed as ATECH Grand Prix, with the confirmed entry into the new GP3 Championship running under the ATECH CRS banner under the terms of the deal. The Formula Renault UK entry will run as ATECH Grand Prix.

The deal comes after the two teams worked together in Formula Renault this season with David Hayle remaining in charge of ATECH under its new guise.

"In order to remain in contention for winning races and championships you need to prepare well and invest well, just as we did in Superleague this season," said Hayle. "This will apply especially in GP3 for 2010. I had been in discussions with Chris [Niarchos - CRS team boss] for some time regarding this project as he is someone whom I have long-admired in sports car racing, and he was able to offer exactly what was needed.

"As a team owner, I have competed at the top, in domestic and international racing up to and including GP2, with some top-line drivers and that will remain the aim of this new partnership. Nothing else will change except for the name in both our entry into the FIA GP3 Championship and Formula Renault UK.

"We will remain operating from our Silverstone workshops, and all team personnel will stay. So too will our desire to win races and championships, which has always been of paramount importance."

Niarchos too was equally enthusiastic about the new partnership.

"David and I spoke some time ago about the prospect of working together," he said. "When he called to say he had a GP3 entry I put the proposition to him to combine forces. It is the perfect fit commercially, technically and in so many different ways. I'm hugely excited about the new partnership.

"The new team will embody all of the high standards and professionalism that both teams are known for. I have to say that the more I get to know David the more I see what we have in common. Both of us wanted to continue to build in single-seaters so this was a great place to start."