Fabio Leimer and Pal Varhaug have both received penalties for causing avoidable collisions during the Saturday afternoon feature race at the Nurburgring.

Rapax driver Fabio Leimer had actually been under investigation for two incidents during the race - one in which he taped the back of Adam Carroll's Super Nova, sending him into a costly spin; and a later incident in which he tried to pass Luiz Razia only to make contact with the AirAsia and damage the suspension, ending Razia's race.

Leimer was able to continue more-or-less undamaged after both incidents and finished in ninth place, but was quickly informed that he would be investigated for both incidents.

Dams' Pal Varhaug meanwhile was under investigation for a first lap collision with Kevin Mirocha that saw Varhaug end his race in the wall and Mirocha stranded in the middle of the track, causing the feature race's sole safety car period.

Varhaug was given the standard ten place grid penalty for the sprint race, which - given his early retirement from the feature race - simply confirmed that he would start on the back row of the grid on Sunday morning.

Leimer, however, received a harsher penalty because of the dual nature of the investigation into his driving, with both incidents happening in relatively quick succession during the race making a more severe sanction appropriate in the race officials' eyes.

He was duly excluded altogether from the feature race results, and so will start from dead last in the sprint race - on the back row alongside Varhaug.