That's it, here's your 2012 GP2 Driver of the Year vote results in full, with the final averaged ratings (out of ten) for all 20 drivers:

The top ten (link through to individual reports): 1. Luiz Razia (Arden International) - rated 7.49 2. Davide Valsecchi (DAMS) - rated 7.35 3. James Calado (Lotus GP) - rated 7.16 4. Felipe Nasr (DAMS) - rated 6.50 5. Luca Filippi (Scuderia Coloni) - rated 6.47 6. Esteban Guti?rrez (Lotus GP) - rated 6.47 7. Giedo van der Garde (Caterham Racing) - rated 6.19 8. Tom Dillmann (Rapax) - rated 6.16 9. Max Chilton (Carlin) - rated 6.05 10. Marcus Ericsson (iSport International) - rated 5.99

The rest of the field: 11. Johnny Cecotto Jr. (Barwa Addax) - rated 5.52 12. Fabio Leimer (Racing Engineering) - rated 5.52 13. Rio Haryanto (Carlin) - rated 5.32 14. Jolyon Palmer (iSport International) - rated 5.02 15. Nathana?l Berthon (Racing Engineering) - rated 4.86 16. Stefano Coletti (Scuderia Coloni/Rapax) - rated 4.68 17. Nigel Melker (Ocean Racing Technology) - rated 4.54 18. Josef Kr?l (Barwa Addax) - rated 4.36 19. Stephane Richelmi (Trident Racing) - rated 4.19 20. Fabio Onidi (Scuderia Coloni) - rated 3.33

Thanks to everyone who voted - we were surprised and delighted to receive so many ballots for the GP2 Driver of the Year, demonstrating just how much interest there really is in the feeder series and the F1 stars of tomorrow.

We've already run through the top ten in some detail, but now you can see that it really was tight at the top with a pretty small margin separating Luiz Razia and Davide Valsecchi. And look how closely James Calado ran them both in the end, as well!

There's quite a long drop-off in the scores (nearly half a point) between Marcus Ericsson and the first of those drivers to finish outside the top ten. Johnny Cecotto Jr. clearly impressed quite a lot of you, and if only Barwa Addax hadn't been struggling through a difficult season in 2012 we reckon he'd have had an even better chance to shine and show off what he can do. He certainly improved considerably on his previous two seasons in the feeder series, and came with two race wins (Monaco and Hockenheim) along the way.

Cecotto actually finished the year neck-and-neck with Fabio Leimer, who showed huge promise and some promising bursts of pace at many points during the year but somehow had it all unravel before he could ride it to a single race win in 2012 - the first time in three years of GP2 competition he's finished the year without a victory. But despite some strong moments from Cecotto and Leimer, we can't honestly make a case for either of them to deserve a top-ten spot in the GP2 Driver of the Year standings. In fact, we reckon that readers have done an exemplary job in evaluating the relative performances of this year's driver line-up.

Okay, we might quibble just a little over Max Chilton not being a little higher up than ninth. After all, he - along with Esteban Guti?rrez - is confirmed as now being F1-bound, and at the end of the day that's what the feeder series is really all about. Now the question for next season is which of the Class of 2013 will emerge as their heirs to Grand Prix stardom: will it be James Calado, Felipe Nasr, Marcus Ericsson - or someone we haven't even heard about yet?

Time will tell, as it always does.