Andreas Zuber is targeting his maiden win of the season as the GP2 Series heads into the unknown for the first race to be held around the streets of Valencia.

The United Arab Emirates driver has shown strong pace in the Piquet Sports car this year having scored four podiums, while he has only qualified off the top two rows just once.

Nonetheless, Zuber is still eyeing his and the team's first win of the season, not least because a good result in Spain will boost his current sixth place in the overall standings with just six races remaining on the calendar.

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"I really don't have a problem with this," he said. "In fact I am rather looking forward to it. I'm sure that the atmosphere will be great. Spaniards, after all, are known to be hot-blooded. I'm certain that things will be at a peak on Saturday.

"I actually do already know the circuit but will only go at it at racing speed for the first time on Friday at the training session. It is rather atypical for a town circuit since it is very speedy. Unlike Monte Carlo where one sticks to the guard railings, so to say. But that is fine for me since I'm known to love speed."

Just seven points behind third place Lucas di Grassi, Zuber is also targeting a strong performance to keep him in the mind of Formula 1 teams at this crucial stage of the season.

"The closer we get to the finale the more on edge those drivers will be that have not had some success this year. Everyone tries to be in a perfect position for negotiations for next year. Furthermore there is the fight for one or more opportunities for being a testing driver in Formula 1. That is when everyone stops being chums.

"I obviously will try my all to get onto the podium in the overall ranking. In the end, that wouldn't be a bad selling point, would it?"