1. Giedo van der Garde Barwa Addax Team 1m25.291s 1m 26.700s
2. Alberto Valerio Party Poker Racing.com SC 1m25.434s 1m27.595s
3. Kamui Kobayashi Fat Burner Racing Eng. 1m25.520s 1m26.105s
4. J?r?me d'Ambrosio ART Grand Prix 1m25.525s 1m26.358s
5. Christian Vietoris DAMS 1m25.575s 1m27.270s
6. Luis Razia Piquet GP 1m25.734s 1m27.301s
7. Oliver Turvey iSport International 1m25.759s 1m27.927s
8. Diego Nunes Barwa Addax Team 1m25.783s 1m26.829s
9. Sam Bird DAMS 1m25.911s 1m27.781s
10. James Jakes Super Nova Racing 1m25.972s 1m26.956s
11. Philip Eng Ocean Racing Technology 1m26.170s 1m27.992s
12. Stefano Coletti Trident Racing 1m26.248s 1m27.352s
13. Marcus Ericsson iSport International 1m26.317s 1m27.099s
14. Dani Clos Telmex Arden International 1m26.357s 1m27.489s
15. Michael Herck DPR 1m26.496s 1m27.236s
16. Ricardo Teixeira Super Nova Racing 1m26.632s 1m28.458s
17. Fabio Leimer Ocean Racing Technology 1m26.975s 1m27.007s
18. Will Bratt Party Poker Racing.com SC 1m26.990s 1m30.160s
19. Rodolfo Gonzalez Telmex Arden International 1m27.083s 1m27.627s
20. Joesf Kral Piquet GP 1m27.170s 1m27.744s
21. Sten Pentus Fat Burner Racing Eng. 1m27.175s 1m27.405s
22. Filip Salaquarda Trident Racing 1m27.229s 1m27.823s
23. Vladimir Arabadhziev DPR 1m28.516s 1m29.085s
24. Francesco Castellacci Durango 1m28.682s 1m28.421s
25. Jan Charouz ART Grand Prix 1m29.205s 1m29.382s

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