Ideal conditions greeted the GP2 teams at the 4.428km Circuito de Jerez for the first of two days of testing by all of the GP2 teams, with all cars running on hard compound Pirelli tyres for the day.

Auto GP's Fabio Onidi and GP3 champion Valtteri Bottas topped the time sheets first thing in the morning before experienced GP2 hands Fabio Leimer, Luca Filippi and Sam Bird started to flex their muscles. Onidi continued to impress and improved his time to finish as the top of the new boys, just ahead of Yelmer Burrman. There was a brief red flag when Johnny Cecotto beached his Addax car in the gravel at turn 8 in the final 30 minutes after setting the fourth fastest time of the morning.

Bottas was again one of the early fast cars out on track in the afternoon and held the position for much of the session until Fabio Leimer once more went fastest in the Racing Engineering car as he had earlier in the day. Burrman ended up in second place for Caterham Team AirAsia, and was the best of the new faces this time ahead of Dani Clos and Bottas. There were no interruptions in the afternoon session, which was overall slower as temperatures soared, meaning that Leimer's 1:27.282s time from the morning was the fastest lap of the day overall.

With the GP2 Final offering a special drive for the highest-placed GP3 graduate, the teams were keen to try out talent from GP3 with a view to fielding them in Abu Dhabi in November: champion Bottas ran for Lotus ART, runner-up James Calado for Ocean, third-placed Nigel Melker for Arden and fourth-paced Nico Muller for Dams. Rio Haryanto, Simon Trummer and Antonio Felix Da Costa were also active out on track.

The second day of testing at Jerez will commence at 9am local time on Thursday. There is another two-day test session scheduled in Barcelona on 19-20 October ahead of the GP2 Final, which will support the F1 Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi on 11-13 November.

Morning session

1. Fabio Leimer Racing Engineering 1:27.282s (29 laps)
2. Luca Filippi Scuderia Coloni 1:27.291s (29 laps)
3. Sam Bird Rapax 1:27.555s (33 laps)
4. Johnny Cecotto Barwa Addax Team 1:27.566s (25 laps)
5. Fabio Onidi Scuderia Coloni 1:27.587s (32 laps)
6. Yelmer Buurman Caterham Team AirAsia 1:27.786s (32 laps)
7. Jolyon Palmer iSport International 1:27.801s (31 laps)
8. Dani Clos Barwa Addax Team 1:27.894s (24 laps)
9. Josef Kral Trident Racing 1:27.909s (20 laps)
10. Antonio Felix Da Costa Caterham Team AirAsia 1:28.090s (32 laps)
11. Adam Carroll Super Nova Racing 1:28.212s (20 laps)
12. Alvaro Parente Carlin 1:28.289s (22 laps)
13. Max Chilton Carlin 1:28.317s (21 laps)
14. James Calado Ocean Racing Technology 1:28.369s (26 laps)
15. Rodolfo Gonzalez Racing Engineering 1:28.443s (25 laps)
16. Valtteri Bottas Lotus ART 1:28.459s (28 laps)
17. Simon Trummer Arden International 1:28.597s (33 laps)
18. St?phane Richelmi Ocean Racing Technology 1:28.703s (27 laps)
19. Julian Leal Trident Racing 1:28.709s (24 laps)
20. Nigel Melker Arden International 1:28.779s (34 laps)
21. Javier Villa Super Nova Racing 1:28.907s (14 laps)
22. Daniele Zampieri Rapax 1:29.091s (29 laps)
23. Rio Haryanto Dams 1:29.097s (26 laps)
24. Nathan?l Berthon Lotus ART 1:29.241s (30 laps)
25. Nico Muller Dams 1:29.288s (25 laps)
26. Carlos Iaconelli iSport International 1:30.029s (23 laps)

Afternoon Session

1. Fabio Leimer Racing Engineering 1:27.777s (20 laps)
2. Yelmer Buurman Caterham Team AirAsia 1:27.874s (28 laps)
3. Dani Clos Barwa Addax Team 1:28.049s (17 laps)
4. Valtteri Bottas Lotus ART 1:28.113s (31 laps)
5. Josef Kral Trident Racing 1:28.194s (26 laps)
6. Alvaro Parente Carlin 1:28.254s (18 laps)
7. Max Chilton Carlin 1:28.259s (21 laps)
8. Sam Bird Rapax 1:28.373s (31 laps)
9. Jolyon Palmer iSport International 1:28.490s (32 laps)
10. Nigel Melker Arden International 1:28.574s (26 laps)
11. Nathan?l Berthon Lotus ART 1:28.576s (29 laps)
12. Javier Villa Super Nova Racing 1:28.606s (23 laps)
13. St?phane Richelmi Ocean Racing Technology 1:28.613s (25 laps)
14. Fabio Onidi Scuderia Coloni 1:28.648s (18 laps)
15. Johnny Cecotto Barwa Addax Team 1:28.727s (27 laps)
16. James Calado Ocean Racing Technology 1:28.731s (28 laps)
17. Rodolfo Gonzalez Racing Engineering 1:28.868s (26 laps)
18. Antonio Felix Da Costa Caterham Team AirAsia 1:28.875s (32 laps)
19. Daniele Zampieri Rapax 1:28.924s (32 laps)
20. Kevin Ceccon Scuderia Coloni 1:28.996s (30 laps)
21. Rio Haryanto Dams 1:29.160s (28 laps)
22. Simon Trummer Arden International 1:29.202s (26 laps)
23. Nico Muller Dams 1:29.678s (28 laps)
24. Julian Leal Trident Racing 1:29.823s (8 laps)
25. Carlos Iaconelli iSport International 1:30.253s (24 laps)
26. Adam Carroll Super Nova Racing 1:31.734s (8 laps)