iSport International driver Marcus Ericsson set the fastest time of the opening day of testing in Barcelona, with a 1:29.705s over a tenth up on Dani Clos driving the Coloni car.

Esteban Gutierrez was the third fastest driver of the day, with Clos' Coloni team mate for the day Kevin Ceccon finishing fourth fastest.

Other drivers taking part included Fabio Leimer, just confirmed as being set to test with the Sauber F1 team at next month's 'Young Driver' test at the Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi.

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Morning session

1. Marcus Ericsson iSport International 1:29.705s after 25 laps
2. Dani Clos Scuderia Coloni 1:29.810s after 34 laps
3. Esteban Gutierrez Lotus ART 1:29.911s after 24 laps
4. Kevin Ceccon Scuderia Coloni 1:29.978s after 28 laps
5. Nigel Melker Ocean Racing Technology 1:29.978s after 25 laps
6. Tom Dillmann iSport International 1:30.025s after 26 laps
7. Julian Leal Barwa Addax Team 1:30.084s after 23 laps
8. Alexander Rossi Caterham Team AirAsia 1:30.140s after 18 laps
9. Kevin Magnussen Carlin 1:30.158s after 22 laps
10. Jolyon Palmer Barwa Addax Team 1:30.299s after 29 laps
11. Max Chilton Carlin 1:30.399s after 24 laps
12. Fabio Leimer Racing Engineering 1:30.416s after 29 laps
13. Roberto Merhi Arden International 1:30.446s after 28 laps
14. Josef Kral Trident Racing 1:30.453s after 21 laps
15. Brendon Hartley Ocean Racing Technology 1:30.526s after 19 laps
16. Rio Haryanto Dams 1:30.536s after 25 laps
17. Antonio Felix Da Costa Lotus ART 1:30.798s after 29 laps
18. Stefano Coletti Dams 1:30.880s after 25 laps
19. St?phane Richelmi Trident Racing 1:30.993s after 33 laps
20. Adrian Quaife-Hobbs Super Nova Racing 1:31.137s after 25 laps
21. Luiz Razia Caterham Team AirAsia 1:31.176s after 22 laps
22. Fabio Onidi Rapax 1:31.257s after 16 laps
23. Nathana?l Berthon Racing Engineering 1:31.329s after 19 laps
24. Jake Rosenzweig Scuderia Coloni 1:31.342s after 33 laps
25. Pal Varhaug Rapax 1:31.443s after 37 laps
26. Craig Dolby Arden International 1:31.891s after 23 laps

Afternoon Session

1. Tom Dillmann iSport International 1:30.210s after 35 laps
2. Esteban Gutierrez Lotus ART 1:30.749s after 23 laps
3. Nigel Melker Ocean Racing Technology 1:30.769s after 23 laps
4. Alexander Rossi Caterham Team AirAsia 1:30.773s after 31 laps
5. Kevin Ceccon Scuderia Coloni 1:30.774s after 28 laps
6. Antonio Felix Da Costa Lotus ART 1:30.860s after 24 laps
7. Dani Clos Scuderia Coloni 1:30.881s after 18 laps
8. Craig Dolby Arden International 1:31.042s after 20 laps
9. Roberto Merhi Arden International 1:31.061s after 23 laps
10. Marcus Ericsson iSport International 1:31.113s after 29 laps
11. Rio Haryanto Dams 1:31.178s after 28 laps
12. Pal Varhaug Rapax 1:31.197s after 26 laps
13. Nathana?l Berthon Racing Engineering 1:31.259s after 26 laps
14. Fabio Leimer Racing Engineering 1:31.284s after 21 laps
15. St?phane Richelmi Trident Racing 1:31.307s after 30 laps
16. Stefano Coletti Dams 1:31.328s after 27 laps
17. Kevin Magnussen Carlin 1:31.351s after 20 laps
18. Josef Kral Trident Racing 1:31.407s after 24 laps
19. Luiz Razia Caterham Team AirAsia 1:31.520s after 28 laps
20. Brendon Hartley Ocean Racing Technology 1:31.557s after 27 laps
21. Jake Rosenzweig Super Nova Racing 1:31.586s after 22 laps
22. Max Chilton Carlin 1:31.611s after 20 laps
23. Julian Leal Barwa Addax Team 1:31.737s after 25 laps
24. Adrian Quaif-Hobbs Super Nova Racing 1:32.056s after 26 laps
25. Fabio Onidi Rapax 1:33.082s after 24 laps
26. Jolyon Palmer Barwa Addax Team 1:34.427s after 31 laps