Atrocious conditions meant that Friday morning's practice session at Spa was delayed by ten minutes, and proved to be more of a swimming lesson than a productive practice outing for the cars. Several spins were inevitable, with Jolyon Palmer and Stefano Coletti early drivers to find themselves pointing the wrong direction on the sodden track and Daniel de Jong ended the session early in the barriers at Les Combes. To add to the challenge of standing water, there was also oil down at turn 5 mid-session to bring out a yellow flag in that section.

The Lotus GP duo of Esteban Guti?rrez and James Calado were quickest to master the conditions and top the times, but even Calado found himself aquaplaning off the track. The rain continued but the wet tyres started to clear a slightly less drenched line on the track over the 30 minutes allowing the drivers to start taking chunks out of their earlier times: in the second half of the session, Luiz Razia sprang to the top of the timesheets ahead of Davide Valsecchi and Johnny Cecotto Jr., before Fabio Leimer and Nigel Melker went top in the final minutes.

Cecotto improved again to recapture third, but then triggered a red flag and premature end to the session when he drifted off onto the astroturf at Pouhon and spun backwards into a hefty impact with the tyre wall which did extensive damage to the Barwa Addax car.

Practice times

1. #5 Fabio Leimer Racing Engineering 2:22.580s 109.885mph (8 laps)
2. #25 Nigel Melker Ocean Racing Technology 2:23.540s + 0.960s 109.151mph (7 laps)
3. #1 Johnny Cecotto Jr. Barwa Addax 2:23.911s + 1.331s 108.869mph (8 laps)
4. #23 Luiz Razia Arden 2:24.292s + 1.712s 108.581mph (10 laps)
5. #3 Davide Valsecchi DAMS 2:24.394s + 1.814s 108.505mph (9 laps)
6. #7 Marcus Ericsson iSport 2:24.665s + 2.085s 108.302mph (7 laps)
7. #9 James Calado Lotus GP 2:25.145s + 2.565s 107.943mph (8 laps)
8. #24 Victor Guerin Ocean Racing Technology 2:25.330s + 2.750s 107.806mph (7 laps)
9. #14 Stefano Coletti Scuderia Coloni 2:25.431s + 2.851s 107.731mph (8 laps)
10. #10 Esteban Guti?rrez Lotus GP 2:25.540s + 2.960s 107.651mph (8 laps)
11. #4 Felipe Nasr DAMS 2:25.957s + 3.377s 107.343mph (9 laps)
12. #17 Juli?n Leal Trident Racing 2:25.961s + 3.381s 107.340mph (8 laps)
13. #12 Giedo van der Garde Caterham Racing 2:25.969s + 3.389s 107.334mph (7 laps)
14. #11 Rodolfo Gonz?lez Caterham Racing 2:26.226s + 3.646s 107.145mph (6 laps)
15. #8 Jolyon Palmer iSport 2:26.687s + 4.107s 106.809mph (8 laps)
16. #27 Rio Haryanto Carlin 2:26.841s + 4.261s 106.697mph (8 laps)
17. #16 St?phane Richelmi Trident Racing 2:27.804s + 5.224s 106.002mph (6 laps)
18. #15 Fabio Onidi Scuderia Coloni 2:27.945s + 5.365s 105.900mph (8 laps)
19. #22 Simon Trummer Arden 2:28.078s + 5.498s 105.805mph (7 laps)
20. #2 Josef Kr?l Barwa Addax 2:28.639s + 6.059s 105.406mph (7 laps)
21. #26 Max Chilton Carlin 2:28.751s + 6.171s 105.327mph (8 laps)
22. #20 Ricardo Teixeira Rapax 2:30.324s + 7.744s 104.224mph (9 laps)
23. #18 Sergio Canamasas Venezuela GP Lazarus 2:30.461s + 7.881s 104.129mph (7 laps)
24. #6 Nathana?l Berthon Racing Engineering 2:31.938s + 9.358s 103.117mph (7 laps)
25. #21 Daniel de Jong Rapax 2:33.864s + 11.284s 101.827mph (5 laps)
26. #19 Ren? Binder Venezuela GP Lazarus 2:34.328s + 11.748s 101.520mph (7 laps)

Total Laps: 197