Weather conditions continued to be sodden in the afternoon at Spa, forcing a 20 minute delay in the start of the qualifying session for the Saturday GP2 feature race to try and benefit from a slight easing in the rain. By the time pit lane opened, Barwa Addax had managed to repair Johnny Cecotto Jr.'s car after its big accident at the end of morning practice, allowing him to set the first flying lap of the session with a time of 2.23.602s. That was quickly beaten by Rio Haryanto, Giedo van der Garde, James Calado, Felipe Nasr and Sergio Canamasas as the wet tyres got to work forging a slightly drier line around the circuit.

As cars came in for a mid-session break, Haryanto topped the timed with a lap of 2:18.322s ahead of Davide Valsecchi, Marcus Ericsson, Fabio Leimer, Felipe Nasr and Lotus GP pair Esteban Guti?rrez and James Calado who were all within a second of the provisional pole time. Then in the final ten minutes, Haryanto continued to set the pace and reduced his time down further to 2:17.535s which was too good for Calado and Calado to match and they had to settle for second and third, with Ericsson in fourth place.

Particularly disappointed with how things went was championship leader Luiz Razia, who finished 19th in the timings compared to sixth for his main title rival Davide Valsecchi. Razia will at least gain one position when he starts from 18th on the grid after Fabio Onidi's penalty from Hungary is taken into account.

Qualifying times

1. #27 Rio Haryanto Carlin 2:17.535s 113.916mph (13 laps)
2. #9 James Calado Lotus GP 2:17.643s + 0.108s 113.826mph (11 laps)
3. #10 Esteban Guti?rrez Lotus GP 2:17.736s + 0.201s 113.750mph (12 laps)
4. #7 Marcus Ericsson iSport 2:18.058s + 0.523s 113.485mph (11 laps)
5. #8 Jolyon Palmer iSport 2:18.368s + 0.833s 113.231mph (12 laps)
6. #3 Davide Valsecchi DAMS 2:18.397s + 0.862s 113.206mph (12 laps)
7. #18 Sergio Canamasas Venezuela GP Lazarus 2:18.582s + 1.047s 113.055mph (11 laps)
8. #5 Fabio Leimer Racing Engineering 2:18.603s + 1.068s 113.039mph (11 laps)
9. #4 Felipe Nasr DAMS 2:18.801s + 1.266s 112.877mph (12 laps)
10. #12 Giedo van der Garde Caterham Racing 2:18.930s + 1.395s 112.772mph (11 laps)
11. #14 Stefano Coletti Scuderia Coloni 2:19.328s + 1.793s 112.450mph (12 laps)
12. #6 Nathana?l Berthon Racing Engineering 2:19.721s + 2.186s 112.134mph (12 laps)
13. #26 Max Chilton Carlin 2:19.803s + 2.268s 112.068mph (12 laps)
14. #15 Fabio Onidi Scuderia Coloni 2:20.100s + 2.565s 111.831mph (12 laps) *
15. #2 Josef Kr?l Barwa Addax 2:20.224s + 2.689s 111.732mph (12 laps)
16. #24 Victor Guerin Ocean Racing Technology 2:20.289s + 2.754s 111.680mph (13 laps)
17. #17 Juli?n Leal Trident Racing 2:20.455s + 2.920s 111.548mph (13 laps)
18. #20 Ricardo Teixeira Rapax 2:20.484s + 2.949s 111.525mph (13 laps)
19. #23 Luiz Razia Arden 2:20.712s + 3.177s 111.344mph (11 laps)
20. #11 Rodolfo Gonz?lez Caterham Racing 2:20.752s + 3.217s 111.312mph (11 laps)
21. #25 Nigel Melker Ocean Racing Technology 2:20.888s + 3.353s 111.205mph (11 laps)
22. #21 Daniel de Jong Rapax 2:20.921s + 3.386s 111.179mph (13 laps)
23. #16 St?phane Richelmi Trident Racing 2:21.070s + 3.535s 111.061mph (11 laps)
24. #22 Simon Trummer Arden 2:21.790s + 4.255s 110.498mph (13 laps)
25. #1 Johnny Cecotto Jr. Barwa Addax 2:21.942s + 4.407s 110.379mph (4 laps)
26. #19 Ren? Binder Venezuela GP Lazarus 2:22.795s + 5.260s 109.720mph (11 laps)

Total Laps: 300 * will serve ten place grid penalty