The half hour GP2 practice session at the N?rburgring in Germany got underway in overcast conditions, with drivers struggling to get their tyres up to temperature in the unseasonably chilly conditions and Mitch Evans having to return to pit lane to get a minor issue with the steering of his Arden sorted out.

Felipe Nasr (Carlin), Robin Frijns (Hilmer Motorsport) and Stefano Coletti (Rapax) all briefly topped the times early in the session before Silverstone feature race winner Sam Bird became the first driver under 100 seconds with a lap of 1:39.962s in the Russian Time #11 ten minutes into practice which was edged by an eighth of a second by Frijns just before the mid-session break.

Surprisingly given that the session remained dry and track temperatures crept up slightly, there was little improvement in times in the second half and Frijns' benchmark of 1:39.838s stood to the chequered flag. Frijns and Bird finished ahead of Evans who was third fastest after addressing his early issues, with Fabio Leimer in fourth. Leimer's Racing Engineering team mate Julian Leal appeared to have problems stalling at pit exit, but was duly recovered.

Coletti finished fifth just ahead of ART's James Calado, who had the biggest off-roading experience of the morning across the gravel and grass at turn 9. His team mate Daniel Abt also had problems, needing to take to the run-off after a massive lock-up into the chicane, ending up bottom of the times and looking very off the pace.

Practice times

1. #22 Robin Frijns Hilmer Motorsport 1:39.838s 115.344mph (14 laps)
2. #11 Sam Bird Russian Time 1:39.962s 115.201mph + 0.124s (13 laps)
3. #6 Mitch Evans Arden 1:40.165s 114.967mph + 0.327s (12 laps)
4. #8 Fabio Leimer Racing Engineering 1:40.304s 114.808mph + 0.466s (12 laps)
5. #18 Stefano Coletti Rapax 1:40.340s 114.767mph + 0.502s (13 laps)
6. #3 James Calado ART GP 1:40.425s 114.670mph + 0.587s (13 laps)
7. #10 Jolyon Palmer Carlin 1:40.457s 114.633mph + 0.619s (13 laps)
8. #12 Tom Dillmann Russian Time 1:40.509s 114.574mph + 0.671s (13 laps)
9. #26 Adrian Quaife-Hobbs MP Motorsport 1:40.533s 114.547mph + 0.695s (13 laps)
10. #24 Rene Binder Venezuela GP Lazarus 1:40.652s 114.411mph + 0.814s (14 laps)
11. #1 Marcus Ericsson DAMS 1:40.782s 114.263mph + 0.944s (14 laps)
12. #9 Felipe Nasr Carlin 1:40.797s 114.247mph + 0.959s (13 laps)
13. #5 Johnny Cecotto Jr. Arden 1:40.813s 114.228mph + 0.975s (15 laps)
14. #2 St?phane Richelmi DAMS 1:40.830s 114.209mph + 0.992s (14 laps)
15. #21 Kevin Ceccon Trident Racing 1:40.883s 114.149mph + 1.045s (13 laps)
16. #7 Juli?n Leal Racing Engineering 1:40.941s 114.084mph + 1.103s (12 laps)
17. #20 Nathana?l Berthon Trident Racing 1:40.949s 114.074mph + 1.111s (14 laps)
18. #15 Alexander Rossi EQ8 Caterham Racing 1:40.951s 114.073mph + 1.113s (12 laps)
19. #14 Sergio Canamasas EQ8 Caterham Racing 1:40.982s 114.037mph + 1.144s (13 laps)
20. #19 Simon Trummer Rapax 1:41.096s 113.908mph + 1.258s (15 laps)
21. #17 Rio Haryanto Barwa Addax 1:41.230s 113.758mph + 1.392s (13 laps)
22. #27 Dani?l de Jong MP Motorsport 1:41.356s 113.616mph + 1.518s (13 laps)
23. #25 Fabio Crestani Venezuela GP Lazarus 1:41.500s 113.456mph + 1.662s (14 laps)
24. #23 Jon Lancaster Hilmer Motorsport 1:41.709s 113.222mph + 1.871s (14 laps)
25. #16 Jake Rosenzweig Barwa Addax 1:41.805s 113.116mph + 1.967s (12 laps)
26. #4 Daniel Abt ART GP 1:42.324s 112.541mph + 2.486s (12 laps)

Total Laps: 343


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