The hot, dusty track conditions at the Hungaroring on Friday morning saw the drivers having a lively time of it, Felipe Nasr proving to be an early casualty after heading into the run-off at the final corner just two laps and five minutes into the 30-minute practice session. The stalled Carlin was dealt with under local waved yellows.

Russian Times's Sam Bird was the first man under 90s with a lap time of 1:29.408s on his fifth lap ahead of James Calado, before the ART driver became the second casualty of the session with a spin off the track at the tricky turn 12. Caterham's Sergio Canamasas and Bird's team mate Tom Dillmann also pushed times under the minute-and-a-half mark before the usual mid-session return to the pit lane for fresh tyres and set-up tweaks.

There were no further incidents in the second phase of running, but with teams focussing on race set-up runs neither did the top times improve any further, leaving Bird sitting comfortably on top of the time sheets at the end of the session. Calado continued to hold on to fourth place behind Canamasas and Dillmann and just ahead of ahead of DAMS' Marcus Ericsson and Arden's Johnny Cecoto Jr., despite not taking any further part in the proceedings after his spin.

There were a number of driver changes ahead of this weekend, with Adrian Quaife-Hobbs taking over from Robin Frijns at Hilmer Motorsport, and Dani Clos taking over from Quaife-Hobbs at MP Motorsport. Ricardo Teixeira returns to Trident Racing in place of Kevin Ceccon. while Vittorio Ghirelli takes over from Fabrizio Crestani at Venezuela GP Lazarus.

Practice times

1. #11 Sam Bird Russian Time 1:29.408s 109.610mph (12 laps)
2. #14 Sergio Canamasas EQ8 Caterham Racing 1:29.760s 109.180mph + 0.352s (14 laps)
3. #12 Tom Dillmann Russian Time 1:29.902s 109.008mph + 0.494s (14 laps)
4. #3 James Calado ART GP 1:30.003s 108.885mph + 0.595s (7 laps)
5. #1 Marcus Ericsson DAMS 1:30.084s 108.787mph + 0.676s (15 laps)
6. #5 Johnny Cecotto Jr. Arden 1:30.239s 108.600mph + 0.831s (15 laps)
7. #8 Fabio Leimer Racing Engineering 1:30.241s 108.598mph + 0.833s (12 laps)
8. #27 Dani?l de Jong MP Motorsport 1:30.329s 108.492mph + 0.921s (13 laps)
9. #2 St?phane Richelmi DAMS 1:30.349s 108.468mph + 0.941s (14 laps)
10. #23 Jon Lancaster Hilmer Motorsport 1:30.413s 108.391mph + 1.005s (14 laps)
11. #20 Nathana?l Berthon Trident Racing 1:30.428s 108.373mph + 1.020s (15 laps)
12. #6 Mitch Evans Arden 1:30.504s 108.283mph + 1.096s (14 laps)
13. #10 Jolyon Palmer Carlin 1:30.552s 108.225mph + 1.144s (13 laps)
14. #7 Juli?n Leal Racing Engineering 1:30.558s 108.218mph + 1.150s (13 laps)
15. #18 Stefano Coletti Rapax 1:30.590s 108.179mph + 1.182s (15 laps)
16. #15 Alexander Rossi EQ8 Caterham Racing 1:30.742s 107.999mph + 1.334s (15 laps)
17. #25 Vittorio Ghirelli Venezuela GP Lazarus 1:30.807s 107.921mph + 1.399s (15 laps)
18. #17 Rio Haryanto Barwa Addax 1:30.869s 107.848mph + 1.461s (13 laps)
19. #22 Adrian Quaife-Hobbs Hilmer Motorsport 1:31.045s 107.639mph + 1.637s (13 laps)
20. #4 Daniel Abt ART GP 1:31.063s 107.618mph + 1.655s (15 laps)
21. #19 Simon Trummer Rapax 1:31.524s 107.076mph + 2.116s (15 laps)
22. #26 Dani Clos MP Motorsport 1:31.770s 106.789mph + 2.362s (13 laps)
23. #16 Jake Rosenzweig Barwa Addax 1:31.797s 106.757mph + 2.389s (14 laps)
24. #24 Rene Binder Venezuela GP Lazarus 1:31.845s 106.701mph + 2.437s (15 laps)
25. #21 Ricardo Teixeira Trident Racing 1:33.848s 104.424mph + 4.440s (15 laps)
26. #9 Felipe Nasr Carlin 1:49.063s 89.856mph + 19.655s (2 laps)

Total Laps: 345