Full grid line-up and best lap times from round two of the Euro F3000 series at Magny-Cours, France.

1. A. Farfus Draco Racing 1min 30.190secs
2. G. Bruni ADM Motorsport 1min 30.196secs
3. R. Rusinov GP Racing 1min 30.559secs
4. N. Pastorelli Scuderia Fam? 1min 30.581secs
5. J. Nelson JVA 1min 30.705secs
6. S. Heidfeld Draco Racing 1min 30.734secs
7. M. Grassotto Traini 1min 30.769secs
8. 'Babalus' Scuderia Fam? 1min 30.847secs
9. F. del Monte GP Racing 1min 31.202secs
10. R. Sperafico ADM Motorsport 1min 31.218secs
11. P. Boss JVA 1min 31.222secs
12. C. Brown Traini 1min 31.283secs
13. M. Pavlovic Energy Racing 1min 31.396secs
14. M. Carli B&C 1min 34.821secs

Dnq P. Biglieri B&C 1min 37.156secs