1. Gianmaria Bruni Trident 37 laps 1hr 01m 13.889s
2. Michael Ammermuller Arden +10.907s
3. Nicolas Lapierre Arden +14.514s
4. Alexandre Premat ART +15.713s
5. Nelson Piquet Jr Piquet +16.772s
6. Ernesto Viso iSport +19.669s
7. Timo Glock BCN +47.806s
8. Hiroki Yoshimoto BCN +48.208s

9. Adrian Valles Campos +52.315s
10. Felix Porteiro Campos +69.547s
11. Luca Filippi FMS +83.448s
12. Ferdinando Monfardini DAMS +83.703s
13. Javier Villa Racing Engineering +87.070s

Rtd Andreas Zuber Trident 30 laps completed
Rtd Tristan Gommendy iSport 30 laps completed
Rtd Fairuz Fauzy Super Nova 29 laps completed
Rtd Adam Carroll Racing Engineering 26 laps completed
Rtd Jason Tahinci FMS 25 laps completed
Rtd Sergio Hernandez Durango 25 laps completed
Rtd Alexandre Negrao Piquet 13 laps completed
Rtd Frank Perera DAMS 13 laps completed
Rtd Lucas di Grassi Durango 7 laps completed
Rtd Olivier Pla DPR Direxiv 7 laps completed
Rtd Jose Maria Lopez Super Nova 1 lap completed
Rtd Clivio Piccione DPR Direxiv 0 laps completed

Dsq Lewis Hamilton ART passing safety car

Fastest lap:

Adrian Valles Campos 1m 35.261s lap 13*

* Valles started from pit-lane so not eligible for bonus point; Piquet next fastest, but cut chicane, giving point to Bruni


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