The Rolex 24 has been suspended for 30-40 minutes to allow course workers to make repairs to barriers damaged in the twelfth hour of the event.

The damage was done when the #82 Team Seattle/Synergy Racing Porsche hit the barriers at pit exit and took out eighty feet of guard rail. Driver Chris Pallis walked away unhurt, having been running 52nd overall, and 26th in class,. While the race is halted, the cars will be, in effect, in parc ferme, with no work allowed to be carried out on them and all work underway in the garages suspended. The clock, however, continues to run.

The #11 SAMAX/CITGO Riley-Pontiac currently leads the event as it approaches half-distance, but remains on the same lap - 353 - as the #01 Ganassi Riley-Lexus, which has led for much of the race. The two leaders are now a lap clear of the second Ganassi car. Kelly Collins leads the GT class with the #07 Banner Racing Pontiac, in 16th place overall, with 329 laps, but the order remains fluid pending driver changes.