Richard Westbrook helped lead the Porsche challenge on the Rolex 24 at Daytona after leading the TRG team to a second place finish in the GT class.

The newly-contracted Porsche factory driver joined Andy Lally, Bryce Miller and Ted Ballou at the wheel of the # Porsche GT3, one of 25 similar machines running in the race.

However, the chances of victory would take a hit during the night-time running in the race as the Porsche runners were forced to content with a number of over-heating issues that allowed the Speedsource Mazda team through to take a comfortable win.

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"After twelve hours we were comfortably in the lead without even pushing," Westbrook said. "But then we got this engine-cooling problem. Sand had been brought onto the track by cars going off course and rejoining. That started getting into the radiators and mixing with the water to form clay.

"The water and oil temperatures were going sky high, so we had to cut back and turn the engine down.

"Racing with that problem for twelve hours and then finishing second is a good result on reflection, although at the time we were bitterly disappointed because we should have won."

Despite the disappointment however, Westbrook said he had enjoyed his time with Kevin Bucklers squad.

"They are a really good team and I had strong co-drivers who all knew the event well," he said. "The race strategy was great and all the ingredients were there for a good result.

"It did seem, though, that as the only Brit in the team I did all my driving either at night or when it started to rain!

"It was a great race. Before our problems, every time I got out of the car we were in the lead. And our car must've been the only one without a scratch on it at the end - the rest of the field looked like they'd been in a stock-car race. There were so many battered cars with bumpers hanging off all over the place."