Dan Wheldon's tragic accident at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Sunday has prompted considerable emotional reaction - some of it well-judged, a lot of it ill-founded - as the motorsport community attempts to get its head around what happened.

Among the suggestions for the way forward, alongside doing away with catch fencing and altering the design of the cars, was NASCAR ace Jimmie Johnson's claim that open-wheel categories such as the IndyCar Series should consider quitting the ovals altogether.

That, of course, would mean the series ditching its blue riband event, the Indianapolis 500, in exchange for a diet solely of street and road courses, and abandoning a century of history in which the US has established itself as the mainsay of oval racing.

But what do you think? Have open-wheel speeds outgrown the often tight confines of the traditional oval? Would the cars and drivers be better served by restricting themselves to the streets and roads? Or should IndyCar stand firm and find a way of keeping tradition on the schedule?

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