With a driver line-up uniting Rubens Barrichello and Tony Kanaan for the first time, along with talented Venezuelan driver EJ Viso in the third car, KV Racing Technology can no longer pretend that they're just one of the regular teams on the starting grid for the 2012 IZOD IndyCar Series.

But are they - as journalists suggested to them at the Sao Paulo press conference this week - now the series 'superteam'? Co-owner Jimmy Vasser doesn't think so, and he isn't very comfortable with the tag, either.

"I wouldn't go that far, I'm a little more modest," he said. For Vasser, the idea that his team is finally rising to the top of the sport will only come with proof where it counts - on the track.

"We certainly don't have a super team of results and trophies in our trophy case yet," he pointed out. "We'll try to attack those one race at a time."

But he was happy to turn the question round in order to praise his organisation, saying: "I think we've got a super team of drivers and personnel," he said. "I'm proud of the job that our general manager, Mark Johnson, has done to put the people in place to do the job, the kind of people we've been attracting."

And of course the latest and biggest name attracted to the bright lights of KV Racing is the new boy in the cockpit, Rubens Barrichello.

"It goes unsaid that this is huge news for us at KV Racing Technology, but like I said earlier, it's going to be time when we leave here today to get our heads down and show some 'superteam' form," he insisted. "I would be a little bit reserved in a term like that."

Vasser's co-owner, Kevin Kalkhoven, was somewhat happier in admitting that - like it or not - this week's news really had boosted KV Racing into a whole new league.

"Well, let's just put it this way: after the first three days of testing at Sebring when he hadn't even confirmed that he was coming to the series, there were over 200 million impressions [on the team website]," he revealed. "I believe after the second test at Sonoma, that had gone to half a billion.

"So the impact around the world is pretty significant. The impact on the team I think is remarkable," he continued. "I believe that there will be far greater worldwide attention on the series now that Rubens is here."

"It's awesome, absolutely awesome," conceded Vasser. "The growth the team has had over the last few years, and culminating with this moment we're having here today, which is also a launch pad for our future and 2012 season, it's a great feeling."

Kalkhoven was asked when he first realised that Barrichello might actually be interested in switching from F1 to IndyCar with KV Racing.

"Mark Johnson and I were just talking and saying before the first test, we said it's a 10 percent chance that Rubens would ever dream of driving this car," he admitted. "After the first test, it became obvious that he was really interested.

"That's when we went to work on his wife and kids," he added. "We realise who the real decision makers in the family are! So we're delighted it's all worked out."

Johnson himself revealed that there had never been any doubt about the team running three cars again in 2012, and that it had just been a matter of finding the best drivers for the race seats.

"We've planned all along to run three cars for the season, and I'm reminded of it constantly with my buddy sitting to the right of me, Mr Vasser" he confirmed. "I think his statement was we'll run three cars, come hell or high water.

"I didn't really know where he was figuring that out at, but he knew something I didn't apparently," added Johnson. "I think he had an inside scoop on Rubens way before we did."

But Vasser knows that having pulled off a major coup in signing a big international star driver for KV Racing comes great responsibility to deliver results all around.

"You know, it really puts more pressure on the team," he said. "Not that there isn't already enough builtin pressure in motorsport, but to have a driver of Rubens' calibre, a solid team with EJ and Tony ... It's the kind of added pressure you want to have in motorsport, and if you don't feel that naturally, then you're probably not a real racer."

If there's one thing about which there is no doubt, it's that Jimmy Vasser is a real racer through and through.

"While this is a great, great moment for us, and then the beginning of a great future, there is a lot of hard work to be done," he said. "We're going to begin that next week: spring training, Sebring."

And in a mere three weeks time: the season opener, St Petersburg.