Sage Karam started from pole position and Carlos Munoz assumed the lead on lap 12 and led right to the last split second, but neither man won the Firestone Indy Lights Freedom 100.

See how the race developed from start to finish and see all the action, including a dazzling 'did I really just see that?' four-wide finish to the race in which Ireland's very own Peter Dempsey steals the win by inches at the line for Belardi ahead of Gabby Chaves, Karam and Munoz.

Also check out the end of the video for footage of the Indy 500 Pit Stop Challenge, which saw 12 teams compete over four rounds of action for a top prize of $100,000. The event saw two teams at a time go head-to-head on pit road to change four tyres and perform a simulated fuel hookup, with the quickest time winning but only by avoiding penalties for loose wheel nuts, running over air hoses and other common infractions.

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