Chevrolet has unveiled its all-new aerodynamic bodywork kits for street and small oval circuits for the 2015 IndyCar series.

The designs were revealed at the series' media day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and a speedway configuration is set to be announced in the coming weeks.

The front wing has new features sculpted around the front wheels as well as a redesigned sidepods, engine covers and a larger rear wing.

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GM's US vice-president Jim Campbell heralded the unveiling as an important milestone for Chevrolet in the IndyCar series.

"We focused on developing an aerodynamic package that delivers an optimal balance of downforce and drag," Campbell said. "Along with integrated engine performance. It's a total performance package."

The manufacturer completed its thorough testing during the winter and teams are expected to receive the new models in next month, with the new speedway kits ready in April.

"When we decided to come back into the series leading into 2012, we really worked with INDYCAR on a few priorities," Campbell added. "We love the engine formula in this series, smaller displacement engines, direct injection, boosting, turbo charging, use of smaller V6 powerful engines, then use of a biofuel. We came with a 2.2-liter twin-turbo direct-injector V6. That was one of the key reasons we came back in the series and why we still love the series.

"We wanted to come back in IndyCar because we had the opportunity to develop aero kits. It was our opportunity to differentiate our look, drive innovation, look for ways to improve performance and speed, lap times. That's exactly what we've been doing."