1. Daniel Herrington Herta 67 laps 0hr 44m 07.3016s
2. James Davison Vision +00.0613s
3. Andrew Prendeville Moore +00.2322s
4. Wade Cunningham Schmidt +00.2976s
5. JR Hildebrand AFS/AGR +00.4186s
6. Sebastian Saavedra AFS/AGR +00.4881s
7. Charlie Kimball PBIR +00.5027s
8. Martin Plowman Panther +00.7413s
9. Pippa Mann Panther +01.3798s
10. Rodrigo Barbosa ELFF +20.1613s

Rtd Richard Philippe PBIR 34 laps completed mechanical
Rtd James Hinchcliffe Schmidt 32 laps completed contact
Rtd Mike Potekhen Alliance 31 laps completed contact
Rtd Ana Beatriz Schmidt 31 laps completed contact
Rtd Brandon Wagner Hamilton/Kingdom 20 laps completed handling
Rtd Mario Romancini RLR/Andersen 12 laps completed mechanical


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