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2013 Indy 500: Practice 9 times

Graham Rahal topped the times in the last significant practice opportunity the teams have this week ahead of the Indianapolis 500 on Sunday.
The IZOD IndyCar Series teams get to practice at Indianapolis Motor Speedway more than any other circuit on the entire calendar, but all things come to an end and Bump Day saw the ninth and last of the practice sessions that drivers have to prepare themselves for the start of the 97th running of the Indy 500 on Sunday, May 26.

Although there is another hour on Friday morning on so-called 'Carb Day', that's primarily used as a shakedown to ensure that the new engines fitted to all cars this week for use in the race are in full working order. After that there is a single ten-minute engine warm-up an hour before the race, and then it's the green flag to get the show underway.

That means that for those drivers not still seeking a qualifying time to get into the grid, Sunday was about getting some running in trying to fine-tune the race set-ups for their cars rather than flat-out speed. Accordingly, the top five times on the speed charts went drivers still occupied with making it through Bump Day: Rahal Letterman Lanigan's Graham Rahal led the way with a time of 39.7238s (226.564mph), over two tenths faster than Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing's Josef Newgarden. However, in their qualifying runs the balance went the other way and it was Newgarden who set the fastest time to claim 25th position on the grid for next weekend's race, while Rahal will start from 26th ahead of Dragon Racing's Sebastian Saavedra.

After an initial first hour of uninterrupted track time, the plan was for practice to work around Bump Day qualifying for a six hour session starting at noon. As soon as any car presented itself in the qualifying inspection line, the track would go yellow to clear other drivers back to their pit stalls for the duration. In fact, after the first 65 minutes in which nine of the ten drivers completed their single qualifying attempt and provisionally put themselves onto the grid, the track was handed over to the whole field for practice and only interrupted for two routine track inspections and three debris cautions. A final stoppage 33 minutes from the end was needed following Will Power's glancing contact with the outside wall exiting turn 4.

The tenth driver still to qualify, Michel Jourdain Jr., turned 39 practice laps as the Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing team tried desperately to find a set-up for the #17 that gave the Mexican driver sufficient confidence to even attempt a qualifying run. It came to nothing and shortly before the end of the session they were forced to concede defeat: ten minutes before the gun fired, the #17 was wheeled back to the garage and the shutters closed on Jourdain's race hopes. (See separate story.)

See the full starting grid and qualifying times for the 2013 Indianapolis 500.
Pictures from all of the qualifying and practice sessions.

Practice 9 times

1. #15 Graham Rahal (H) 226.564mph 39.7238s Leader (123 laps)
2. #21 Josef Newgarden (H) 225.279mph 39.9504s + 0.2266s (104 laps)
3. #91 Buddy Lazier (C) 225.167mph 39.9704s + 0.2466s (35 laps)
4. #41 Conor Daly * (H) 224.764mph 40.0420s + 0.3182s (19 laps)
5. #6 Sebastian Saavedra (C) 224.698mph 40.0537s + 0.3299s (94 laps)
6. #25 Marco Andretti (C) 224.278mph 40.1287s + 0.4049s (62 laps)
7. #4 JR Hildebrand (C) 223.681mph 40.2359s + 0.5121s (47 laps)
8. #81 Katherine Legge (H) 223.569mph 40.2561s + 0.5323s (50 laps)
9. #1 Ryan Hunter-Reay (C) 223.271mph 40.3097s + 0.5859s (80 laps)
10. #7 Sebastien Bourdais (C) 223.076mph 40.3450s + 0.6212s (144 laps)
11. #77 Simon Pagenaud (H) 222.816mph 40.3920s + 0.6682s (77 laps)
12. #12 Will Power (C) 222.780mph 40.3986s + 0.6748s (102 laps)
13. #27 James Hinchcliffe (C) 222.750mph 40.4041s + 0.6803s (60 laps)
14. #3 Helio Castroneves (C) 222.731mph 40.4074s + 0.6836s (93 laps)
15. #9 Scott Dixon (H) 222.698mph 40.4135s + 0.6897s (171 laps)
16. #26 Carlos Munoz * (C) 222.656mph 40.4211s + 0.6973s (75 laps)
17. #14 Takuma Sato (H) 222.617mph 40.4281s + 0.7043s (107 laps)
18. #5 EJ Viso (C) 222.587mph 40.4336s + 0.7098s (59 laps)
19. #2 AJ Allmendinger * (C) 222.255mph 40.4941s + 0.7703s (99 laps)
20. #10 Dario Franchitti (H) 222.145mph 40.5141s + 0.7903s (136 laps)
21. #11 Tony Kanaan (C) 222.085mph 40.5251s + 0.8013s (80 laps)
22. #22 Oriol Servia (C) 221.897mph 40.5593s + 0.8355s (126 laps)
23. #8 Ryan Briscoe (H) 221.601mph 40.6135s + 0.8897s (125 laps)
24. #20 Ed Carpenter (C) 221.538mph 40.6251s + 0.9013s (51 laps)
25. #60 Townsend Bell (C) 221.147mph 40.6970s + 0.9732s (46 laps)
26. #19 Justin Wilson (H) 221.037mph 40.7171s + 0.9933s (109 laps)
27. #16 James Jakes (H) 220.818mph 40.7575s + 1.0337s (118 laps)
28. #98 Alex Tagliani (H) 220.804mph 40.7602s + 1.0364s (76 laps)
29. #78 Simona De Silvestro (C) 220.746mph 40.7708s + 1.0470s (99 laps)
30. #83T Charlie Kimball (H) 220.530mph 40.8108s + 1.0870s (76 laps)
31. #18 Ana Beatriz (H) 219.897mph 40.9283s + 1.2045s (51 laps)
32. #17 Michel Jourdain Jr (H) 219.843mph 40.9383s + 1.2145s (39 laps)
33. #55 Tristan Vautier * (H) 219.229mph 41.0529s + 1.3291s (24 laps)
34. #17 Graham Rahal (H) 202.260mph 44.4971s + 4.7733s (5 laps)

Total Laps: 2762
* Denotes Rookie
(C) Chevrolet, (H) Honda

Combined practice times

1. #12 Will Power (C) 229.808mph 39.1631s Practice 8 (410 laps)
2. #5 EJ Viso (C) 229.537mph 39.2093s Practice 7 (462 laps)
3. #2 AJ Allmendinger * (C) 229.086mph 39.2866s Practice 8 (427 laps)
4. #25 Marco Andretti (C) 228.754mph 39.3435s Practice 7 (400 laps)
5. #21 Josef Newgarden (H) 228.609mph 39.3685s Practice 8 (384 laps)
6. #26 Carlos Munoz * (C) 228.520mph 39.3839s Practice 7 (526 laps)
7. #15 Graham Rahal (H) 228.318mph 39.4187s Practice 8 (319 laps)
8. #77 Simon Pagenaud (H) 228.029mph 39.4687s Practice 8 (408 laps)
9. #3 Helio Castroneves (C) 227.978mph 39.4775s Practice 8 (401 laps)
10. #78 Simona De Silvestro (C) 227.965mph 39.4797s Practice 8 (404 laps)
11. #8 Ryan Briscoe (H) 227.606mph 39.5420s Practice 8 (458 laps)
12. #4 JR Hildebrand (C) 227.549mph 39.5519s Practice 7 (283 laps)
13. #9 Scott Dixon (H) 227.254mph 39.6032s Practice 8 (563 laps)
14. #22 Oriol Servia (C) 227.237mph 39.6063s Practice 7 (428 laps)
15. #60 Townsend Bell (C) 227.160mph 39.6196s Practice 7 (213 laps)
16. #20 Ed Carpenter (C) 227.086mph 39.6325s Practice 8 (400 laps)
17. #10 Dario Franchitti (H) 227.080mph 39.6336s Practice 7 (512 laps)
18. #14 Takuma Sato (H) 227.038mph 39.6410s Practice 7 (462 laps)
19. #27 James Hinchcliffe (C) 226.983mph 39.6506s Practice 7 (423 laps)
20. #1 Ryan Hunter-Reay (C) 226.919mph 39.6617s Practice 7 (469 laps)
21. #11 Tony Kanaan (C) 226.822mph 39.6787s Practice 7 (416 laps)
22. #98 Alex Tagliani (H) 226.812mph 39.6804s Practice 7 (376 laps)
23. #7 Sebastien Bourdais (C) 226.736mph 39.6938s Practice 7 (405 laps)
24. #16 James Jakes (H) 226.559mph 39.7247s Practice 8 (270 laps)
25. #6 Sebastian Saavedra (C) 226.442mph 39.7453s Practice 8 (446 laps)
26. #18 Ana Beatriz (H) 226.327mph 39.7655s Practice 8 (368 laps)
27. #19 Justin Wilson (H) 226.199mph 39.7879s Practice 8 (483 laps)
28. #63 Pippa Mann (H) 225.880mph 39.8441s Practice 8 (167 laps)
29. #83 Charlie Kimball (H) 225.816mph 39.8555s Practice 8 (341 laps)
30. #91 Buddy Lazier (C) 225.167mph 39.9704s Practice 9 (77 laps)
31. #55 Tristan Vautier * (H) 224.943mph 40.0101s Practice 8 (266 laps)
32. #41 Conor Daly * (H) 224.764mph 40.0420s Practice 9 (355 laps)
33. #17 Michel Jourdain Jr (H) 224.228mph 40.1377s Practice 8 (394 laps)
34. #25 James Hinchcliffe (C) 224.210mph 40.1410s Practice 4 (26 laps)
35. #81 Katherine Legge (H) 223.569mph 40.2561s Practice 9 (50 laps)
36. #21T Josef Newgarden (H) 222.340mph 40.4785s Practice 3 (162 laps)
37. #27 Marco Andretti (C) 221.972mph 40.5456s Practice 4 (22 laps)
38. #83T Charlie Kimball (H) 220.633mph 40.7917s Practice 1 (92 laps)
39. #15T Graham Rahal (H) 220.360mph 40.8423s Practice 3 (117 laps)
40. #16T James Jakes (H) 219.191mph 41.0601s Practice 4 (163 laps)
41. #10T Dario Franchitti (H) 218.842mph 41.1255s Practice 1 (6 laps)
42. #9T Scott Dixon (H) 218.143mph 41.2574s Practice 1 (6 laps)
43. #8T Ryan Briscoe (H) 217.773mph 41.3274s Practice 2 (12 laps)
44. #2 Helio Castroneves (C) 216.620mph 41.5475s Practice 1 (13 laps)
45. #17 Graham Rahal (H) 202.260mph 44.4971s Practice 9 (5 laps)

Total Laps for Combined Sessions: 13390
* Denotes Rookie
(C) Chevrolet, (H) Honda

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