1. Jay Howard Schmidt 188.774mph
2. Jonathan Klein Andretti Green 188.285mphs
3. Akihira Okamoto Schmidt 187.663mph
4. Alex Lloyd AFS 186.927mph
5. Bobby Wilson Hardley 186.909mph
6. Wade Cunningham Stewart 186.749mph
7. Ben Petter Crawford 186.205mph
8. Jaime Camara Andretti Green 185.625mph
9. Tom Wood Hardley 185.440mph
10. Mike Potekhen Part Sourcing 185.294mph
11. Racer Kashima Crawford 185.178mph
12. Sean Guthrie Guthrie 185.089mph
13. Nick Bussell Cheever 184.982mph
14. Chris Festa Cheever 184.492mph
15. Arie Luyendyk Jr. Automatic Fire Sprinklers 184.143mph
16. Veronica McCann United & Classic Trailers 182.279mph
17. Tom Wieringa Racing for Kids 182.063mph
18. CR Crews Racersites.com 179.202mph


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