Indy Racing League has had the IndyCar drivers get back in their cars for a restart to the 91st Indianapolis 500, after nearly a two hour delay for a rainy red flag. The track has been dried and the weather has least there's no imminent threat of rain. Who knows what it will be in 15 minutes. After all, this is Indianapolis.

DARIO FRANCHITTI had to make a pit-stop on the first pace lap to change a deflating tyre he couldn't change during the red flag.

Medical update for ROBERTO MORENO - his MRI was negative. Medical update for DAN BROWN, right rear tyre changer for AL UNSER Jr - multiple fractures of the left foot, and further evaluation pending. His foot was run over during a pit-stop.

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Both Indy 500 rookies have retired before the halfway mark.

Selected comments from retired drivers:

ROBERTO MORENO: "The car had a bad wiggle all over the place. It was very tough. When I got to turn one, we just went straight. I couldn't do anything."

JOHN HERB: "I had a good run going into turn one, and I saw the two cars in front of me make a move. They both kind of hesitated a little bit more than I expected, and I just got a run into turn one on Al (Unser). I had nowhere to go and I ended up in the marbles. It's just a shame. I just feel terrible about the deal."

MILKA DUNO: "I was having a good race. I was in 22nd when had a penalty in pit-lane. When we went green, I was passing a car in turn one when my car spun. It was a fantastic day."

JOHN ANDRETTI: "We lost the mirror early, and they made us replace it. We lost a lap replacing it. We tried to manage our way back up through to see if we could try to do something to get into the lead lap. And that wasn't working. Going down on turn one, I had cars dive underneath me. I got up into the second groove and got all that stuff on my tyres. And when I went into turn two, I knew it was going to be bad. I couldn't turn down because, after going through turn one and lifting, they were starting to get underneath me. And so I got into turn two, and the car wouldn't turn at all, and the car just went straight. It wasn't a very fast hit. I wasn't going wide open because I anticipated what was coming, and it took off way quicker than I thought it was. This place can pump you up so much and take it all away from you that quickly. Today wasn't the day I hoped for, but I also see my team-mate Vitor (MEIRA) in fourth, so I think that's a great day."

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN...restart your engines.