Peugeot has vowed to bounce back from its disastrous Le Mans 24 Hours and come back stronger in 2011.

Despite having clearly the quickest car on the grid, Peugeot was left empty-handed after all four 908 HDIs on the grid failed to make the finish - with three falling victim to engine issues.

With technical director Bruno Famin insisting that the team had never encountered such issues before with the car, the focus now will turn to discovering what caused the problem with Peugeot Sport director Olivier Quensel insisting that his team would come back stronger next year to try and take back its title.

"We started at a quick pace in the face of a very strong adversary," he said. "We were faster than them, but we weren't as reliable. What counts is the final victory, not the top speed. Unfortunately our luck turned here. But we did everything we had to to win.

"Tomorrow we will analyse what went wrong. We have the right to be disappointed this evening, but tomorrow morning we will get to work, to come back even stronger in 2011."

Quesnel also added that the disappointing result would have no bearing on Peugeot's future involvement at Le Mans.

"We did what we could, but we were beaten," he said. "Peugeot have human values and our continued presence doesn't depend on sporting results. We have the support of all the major decision makers to push as hard as possible. We showed daring and we showed our values. It is a huge disappointment and now we must make sure it doesn't happen again."