Many people know of a few crazy sports here and there, though most revolve around physical man-to-man contact. Whether it's the 150mph-plus ball skills of Jai alai, the cage fighting antics of mixed martial arts, the smartly-dressed death-defying feats in bullfighting or the bone-crushing accidents of cheerleading, it seems like there are many ways to do serious damage to yourself.

However, many people overlook motorsports when compiling their lists of dangerous pastimes. As such, this list of the top ten crazy motorsports will underline the importance of cover policies, from consumer-style Staveley Head motor insurance to complex safety deals brokered with professional racing teams. So, to begin with...

European truck racing
Not many things say immediate danger more than a dozen-tonne truck hurtling around a racetrack. Luckily, British and European circuits love to host these monsters.
Lawnmower racing
The Lawn Mower Racing Association governs this particular competitive sport, where miniature grasscutters - sans blades - fly around hay bale-marked tracks. It's not one for the faint-hearted!

Swamp buggy racing
This unique brand of competitive driving features lightweight, crazily-designed buggies that look more like stealth bombers than cars. Using extremely thin tyres, they glide across the surface of water like a dream - so long as they don't slow down!

King of the Hammers
While this sounds like a reality TV show for handymen, it's actually a 120-mile course for buggies that takes them over rock-climbing sections and open-desert parts which test both speed and rock-climbing skills. What's more, only four in every ten cars finish the challenge in the 14-hour time limit.

School bus racing
While they're no longer being used to transport children - and for good reason - these souped-up school buses battle it out on oval circuits. If you're lucky, you'll even get a chance to see over half a dozen of them battling it out in a bowl in a destruction derby.

24 Hours of LeMons
While this may sound like the popular endurance event in France, this ridiculous endurance race takes place several times throughout the year across the US, pitting $500 cars against one another until 24 hours have elapsed, or just one car is left standing. It's often been the latter.

Pikes Peak Hill Climb Challenge
Made famous by the Gran Turismo series of racing games, the Pikes Peak tournament had one simple goal: get to the top in the fastest time. It's not easy, either - it's around 13 miles of paved and gravel road with 156 turns and 4,721 feet to climb.

Shifter karts
Go-karts? Check. No safety aside from a seatbelt, leathers and a crash helmet? Check. 160mph top speed? Check. Sitting millimetres from the floor? Double check.

Much like the trip the boys of Top Gear took several years ago, this is another $500 challenge that has drivers buy a car in New York and get it all the way to New Orleans. With miles of open road, you won't want to break down!

Made famous by the DiRT racing series in recent years, gymkhana is much like the horse-riding equivalent; drivers instead negotiate amazing turns to demonstrate the control they have over their cars.

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