The unique Nissan DeltaWing enjoyed a solid outing on the annual test day for the Le Mans 24 Hours, ahead of its appearance in the race later this month.

The car, which has been granted the entry into the race for a machine showcasing new technology, completed 54 laps over the course of the day completing every lap bar one on the same set of Michelin tyres - with one single lap on wet tyres during a rain shower.

Satoshi Motoyama posted the best time of 3min 47.980secs, which put the DeltaWing 32nd of the 61 cars to set times over the course of the day and amongst the LMP2 runners.

Motoyama and Michael Krumm were also able to complete the mandatory ten laps required to qualify them for the race.

"I certainly very happy with the results today," designer Ben Bowlby said. "It would have been tragic if we had been plagued with technical issues when we were just trying to get drivers qualified for the race.

"We've shown the ACO that we've met their desired criteria to run a lap time of around 3 minutes, 45 seconds in around the same cadence as everyone else on pit stops. We're very close to that time so you'd have to say today has been a great success.

"The physics didn't lie and we've produced a car that does what it says on the box. There is still a lot of preparation to do this week and there is everything to play for. We have to be very sensible about it and try to put on a good show for Nissan and Michelin."