Despite initial reports that he had escaped his huge accident in the Le Mans 24 Hours without injury, Anthony Davidson has confirmed that he suffered a broken back in the shunt that put him out of the race.

Davidson was forced out after contact with a GTE Ferrari saw his car get airbourne on the run to Mulsanne corner before hitting the tyre barriers at speed.

The Briton was able to get out of the car himself and at first appeared unscathed as he attempted to make repairs, before he was given medical attention and then taken to the medical centre.

From there, Davidson was taken to hospital where he is due to stay until at least Monday, with the man himself confirming news of his injuries via Twitter.

"Well that was a big one!" he wrote. "Lying in a French hospital with a broken back wasn't what I had in mind at this stage in the race...

"...Gutted for the Toyota team who did an amazing job all week."

Both Toyota cars are now out of the race after engine issues put the sister machine into retirement.