Marc Gene says he feels fully prepared to step in to the #1 Audi having been driving an LMP2 car this weekend at Le Mans.

Audi called up reserve driver Gene to replace the injured Loic Duval, who has been ruled out of the race following a huge accident in practice on Wednesday. Although Gene had been driving for JOTA in LMP2 and will only drive the LMP1 car for the first time at on the Circuit de la Sarthe in qualifying, he praised the way Audi had kept him sharp by ensuring he was always racing.

"The good thing is Audi did the best thing they could do," Gene said. "If you want to have a reserve driver ready, the way Audi prepared it - because it was Audi who asked me to go to JOTA - thinking of having me more sharp on my race craft. It's definitely the right thing; it's much better that I did Spa in an LMP2 than not doing Spa at all.

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"The test days and even yesterday's LMP2 [practice session] will help me today. So if ever a team wants to have a reserve driver in LMP1 then it's better that this driver races in another category at the same time."

And Gene said he has already had some experience with the Audi LMP1 car this year.

"I drove a few months ago in Paul Ricard for two days and then I drove for two days last month at Aragon."

While the car was destroyed in Duval's crash, Gene said it had been completely rebuilt already and will be ready to go for the first qualifying session on Thursday.

"It's finished and it was the first one they finished. They finished that one first because they started working before Q1 [on Wednesday], so the crew managed to start and they brought in a night crew. From what I heard at 8 o'clock this morning it was already finished.

"I think the monocoque is the one from Spa from what I've heard. It was the spare monocoque, which you always have here anyway. The only difference from the race car is that the monocoque is a different one, but probably everything else; engine, suspension, usually you have new for the race anyway."