Alex Wurz says he has utmost faith his team has gotten to the bottom of a technical issues that halted his #7 Toyota during qualifying for the 2014 Le Mans 24 Hours.

Wurz's team-mate Stephane Sarrazin was in the car when it slowed mid-way through the session, the Frenchman parking up at the first corner complex and describing a loss of drive from the TS040 Hybrid.

The first reliability issue suffered by the Toyota since it arrived in Le Mans, despite the concern that the problem generated on a car that otherwise proven very reliable this year, two-time Le Mans winner Wurz remains confident the manufacturer has everything in hand.

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"The problem wasn't planned, so obviously it is an area where it raised eyeborws," he said. "As it is race week, I can't participate to the process, so I didn't even ask what the cause was. I just asked if it was under control and they said yes. That's it for me."

Despite the problem, Wurz says the timing was nonetheless ideal as it came just moments before the red flag was shown for an incident elsewhere on the circuit. Ending the session early, it meant the team didn't lose track time compared with its rivals.

"We were quite lucky with the problem happening at that time. If the red flag was a lap earlier than we could have had the problem in Q2, so we were unlucky, yet lucky."