Sebastien Buemi says Toyota's speed at Le Mans is much to do with it compromising compared with its rivals, claiming it gives 'away a bit' in each sector in order to be strong over a whole lap.

Toyota starts the 2014 edition of the Le Mans 24 Hours from pole position after Kazuki Nakajima blitzed qualifying in the #7 car he will share with Alex Wurz and Stephane Sarrazin, while Buemi was responsible for getting the #8 machine up to third place on the grid.

Indeed, the Swiss driver says Toyota's speed is a result of compromising a little everywhere compared with Porsche and Audi, the former having prioritised top speed, while the latter is shown to be stronger in the bends.

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However, though it means the Toyota doesn't stand out in any one sector, Buemi firmly believes Toyota's approach is the most successful at achieving a good lap time around the Le Mans circuit.

"In terms of overall pace, I think we give away a bit everywhere, but as a full compromise we are better. Porsche is very quick in the second sector, but it seems to struggle a bit in the last sector. Audi seems to be good in the first one, but not so good in the second one, so it is a matter of finding a compromise.

You clearly see the downforce, but the overall shape of the Porsche is more towards having a better car for the straights. The Porsche won't be fantastic in the Porsche Corners, but will be quick in the second sector, whereas you see the Audi has more downforce and is making its lap time in the corners.

Looking ahead to the race, whilst Buemi - who will share his car with Nicolas Lapierre and Anthony Davidson - is aware of the challenges posed by the Le Mans 24 Hours, he is confident Toyota are well placed.

"Even if we look a little bit like the favourites I think it is still going to be very tight at the end. We have definitely got the car to fight for the win until the end, now it's really in our hands to make sure that we don't make any mistakes and do the basics right, and if we do those things right I am sure we will be there at the end of the 24 hours."