Kazuki Nakajima says Toyota is focusing more on Audi than Porsche after being unimpressed by the latter's pace in qualifying for Le Mans.

Nakajima's #7 Toyota will start from pole position ahead of the #14 Porsche, with the sister Toyota and Porsche cars next on the grid ahead of the three Audis. However, Nakajima said the focus ahead of the race has mainly been on Audi having looked at the sort of times Porsche was able to complete during long runs on its return to Le Mans.

"Basically I'm not sure about Porsche, because in free practice their pace was not very impressive, but Audi has been very quick over the long runs so I'm sure they will be up there fighting with us," Nakajima said. "Porsche you can never underestimate them, they are always surprising everybody this year so it's going to be a tough race I think."

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And Nakajima believes taking pole position could prove more crucial for Toyota than it would have in previous years.

"I think it's very important because it's a very close race, so to start from the front and to have our own pace at the beginning of the stint I think is very important. So it could mean something; always we say qualifying means almost very little for the race but maybe it's different this time."

With tyres set to be a decisive factor in the race, Nakajima admitted there was little a driver could do in terms of tyre management but had to hope the car was kind to its rubber.

"It's very important because you have a big range of temperature window. This year maybe it's not as extreme as other years but still it's ranging from 15C or 20C to 40C track temperature so ... we must have the right tyre choice otherwise it's really easy to lose the tyres.

"In this car we have traction control and everything so I don't think you can make such a big difference. Basically we are relying on the tyre and the tyre itself. If we need to then of course we try to manage it but at the same time you have to push for 24 hours so there's not much room for tyre management."