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Benoit Treluyer inherited the lead of the Le Mans 24 Hours in the 14th Hour as the #7 Toyota stopped on track.

Having taken over from Andre Lotterer, Treluyer kept up the pace as he chased down the #7 Toyota, gaining a lot of time as Kazuki Nakajima took over the car from Stephane Sarrazin. The gap came down to under 1m30s and after Nakajima started to respond late in the hour he suddenly stopped at Arnage.

The #20 Porsche continues to run in third place having benefitted from misfortune for the #8 Toyota which had dropped 11 laps off the pace despite Anthony Davidson taking over, and will soon take over second place with reports Nakajima's car is on fire.

Darren Turner enjoys a growing lead in the LMP GTE class for the #97 Aston Martin, half a minute clear of the #51 Ferrari now being driven by Gianmari Bruni.

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Live text commentary recap of Hour 14: Key moments in bold

Nakajima has stopped! The lead Toyota is at Arnage ... Treluyer leads in the #2 Audi

Davidson in the #8 Toyota catching Lieb in the #14 Porsche for fifth place, with the two cars separated by just 17s

The gap at the front is still coming down as the #2 Audi is now just 1m28s behind the #7 Toyota. Or 88s after almost 14 hours of racing.

A very impressive job from Mardenborough in the #35 Oak Racing Ligier who has a lead of 1m12s over Webb in the #36 Alpine at the head of the LMP2 class

Sarrazin comes in and hands over to Nakajima. A solid stop as Treluyer stops in the #2 Audi too. It will be interesting to see how that gap plays out

Nakajima preparing to take over from Sarrazin. This stop will take longer than the Audi's will with Treluyer already having swapped seats with Lotterer. The 2min gap should close

And Turner is through! On board with Fisichella shows an Aston Martin ahead

Turner is all over the back of Fisichella in the fight for the GTE PRO lead now, with the gap just 0.3s. Looks like a matter of time...

Brake issues at Porsche and Hartley brings the #20 car in to the pits from third place

Let battle recommence in the GTE PRO class as Turner in the #97 Aston closes the gap to 3s to Fisichella in the class-leading #51 Ferrari

Westbrook with a brief stay in the garage in the #74 Corvette which was running third in the GTE PRO class

Apologies for the silence, it appears laptops get tired too! Treluyer continues to lap two seconds a lap quicker than Sarrazin

Treluyer is quicker than Sarrazin in the #7 Toyota at the moment, but the driver change at Audi has left him 2m behind