Oliver Turvey said his Le Mans week had been "unreal" as the JOTA replacement brought the #38 car home to win the LMP2 class.

Loic Duval's large accident for Audi in practice on Wednesday saw reserve driver Marc Gene - set to drive for JOTA in the race - called up to the #1 Audi car. With JOTA now a man down, it turned to Turvey to replace Gene in an all-British line-up alongside Harry Tincknell and Simon Dolan. With reliability issues hitting the #35 OAK Ligier which had been leading the LMP2 class, the JOTA car climbed through the field and Turvey took over for the final stint in a close second place behind the #46 TDS Ligier, going on to pass it during the final 90 minutes to take victory.

"It's been quite an unreal few days," Turvey said. "At the start of the week I was obviously not here; unfortunately the car I was meant to be in couldn't make it because of some other reasons. So a really frustrating start of the week. I made my debut here last year and it was a fantastic race, I really wanted to be here so I was really frustrated at the start of the week and a bit down about it.

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"On Wednesday I got the call-up from JOTA obviously when Loic had his accident and Marc got called up by Audi. You don't want to see that happen but we're glad he's OK. It was really exciting to get the call-up to come over, I just had to complete a few laps in the final part of qualifying just to qualify for the race."

On the race itself, Turvey said the team had been on the back foot but praised the way his team-mates Dolan and Tincknell pushed to bring the car back in to contention.

"I'm lost for words really. The race was fantastic. We had a difficult start, I went out for one lap in the dry before the first downpour! So I was out in both downpours and that was quite tricky to read the track. We had a few issues in the first quarter of the race but the team still believed and everyone believed. Simon and Harry drove fantastically in their stints. Really through the night and the morning we've been pushing all the time to catch back up and come back up through the order, it was maximum attack all the time.

"That final stint when I got in the car in P2, I knew it was really close for the win so I knew it was on. I just pushed as hard as I could really for that stint and we came out in the final pit stop one second ahead. It was such a close race right to the finish, so it's unbelievable to win it."

Tincknell admitted he had been left exhausted by his stints but said he could sense the chance of victory in his final hour in the car.

"The Ligier started to slow and I passed that a couple of laps before I stopped and then got right on the back of the TDS car, giving Ollie the best chance of being able to hunt him down and win it," Tincknell said. "The last couple of laps of my stint I was just taking it all in. I'd driven as hard as I could all night and I was just absolutely shattered. I'd given everything for the team and I think I handed it over to Ollie with the best chance of winning and he went out and did it, so amazing."