Ryan Dungey delivered a killer body blow to Ryan Villopoto in Dallas on Saturday.

Makita Suzuki's Dungey had been in control of the AMA Supercross championship but Villopoto had been closing inexorably in, chipping persistently away at Dungey's lead.

Dungey still had enough in the bag to allow Villopoto to win as long as he stayed close, but after two weeks of 'Poto piloting his Monster Energy Kawasaki to victory, it seemed Dungey had had enough, sprinting out at the drop of the gate and disappearing into the distance as Villopoto floundered midpack.

Former AMA Moto- and Supercross champion Villopoto was left to recover through the pack to fourth, while Dungey was trailed over the line by the battling Honda duo of Davi Millsaps and Trey Canard.

As exciting as the Supercross class was, however, the Lites race eclipsed it by a mile - in a truly Rockyesque evening, Blake Baggett was running one spot outside the very last main event qualifying place when that race was red flagged.

On the restart, Baggett managed to move up a place and take the last qualifying spot to get in to the main event. That very same terrible pick on the gate, which he got from being the final qualifier, meant that he was outside the danger zone when Martin Davalos cartwheeled his way through fifteen riders at the start of the main event - leaving Baggett trailing Ryan Sipes (neither of whom had won a Supercross before) at the head of the pack.

Sipes led the whole race until, with two laps to go, he got held up by lappers and Baggett got through, holding on through the final two circuits to take what might just be the most unexpected Supercross victory ever.

Sipes confirmed second ahead of title challenger Justin Barcia, with another hopeful Austin Stroupe fifth and series leader Christophe Pourcel seventh after being dead last following the start melee.

AMA Supercross Class Results: Arlington
1 Ryan Dungey
2 Davi Millsaps
3 Trey Canard
4 Ryan Villopoto
5 Justin Brayton
6 Josh Hill
7 Kevin Windham
8 Kyle Chisholm
9 Jason Lawrence
10 Tommy Hahn
AMA Supercross Class Season Standings
1 Ryan Dungey 239
2 Ryan Villopoto 215
3 Josh Hill 192
4 Davi Millsaps 174
5 Kevin Windham 161
6 Justin Brayton 152
7 Ivan Tedesco 143
8 Nick Wey 122
9 Kyle Chisholm 105
10 Tommy Hahn 100
Eastern Regional AMA Supercross Lites Class Results: Arlington
1 Blake Bagget
2 Ryan Sipes
3 Justin Barcia
4 Martin Davalos
5 Austin Stroupe
6 Matthew Lemoine
7 Christophe Pourcel
8 Mike Willard
9 Tyler Futrell
10 Steven Clarke
Eastern Regional AMA Supercross Lites Class Season Standings
1 Christophe Pourcel 109
2 Austin Stroupe 104
3 Justin Barcia 84
4 Ryan Sipes 77
5 Brett Metcalfe 75
6 Blake Baggett 71
7 Dean Wilson 71
8 Martin Davalos 47
9 Nico Izzi 41
10 Kyle Cunningham 40

By Paul Harris


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