Shaun Simpson: 1st MX1

"The winning streak didn't really matter to me but with everyone talking about it I was enjoying the fact that it was still possible that I could complete the season undefeated. I still feel that if I known what I'd known today after we made some changes and the last race it was just so much more comfortable it might be still there but it was not to be.

"In the second race, I came out of the turn before the bomb hole and the berm just broke down. The bike pitched me up and I landed at the bottom of the hole. By the time I got back to the bike and got it picked up, Frossard was already going up the hill, so there was just too much to make up in a 20-minute race, which was a disappointment.

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"At the end of the day it's motocross and there's greater guys than me that haven't managed a perfect season. It's a good championship, there lots of motos and hundreds of things that can go wrong, so if I en=d the season with one second place or two second places or whatever I'm not going to be bothered. The championship is the main thing, and it's been a good day for the championship.

"I was surprised at just how fast Steven was today - I've just told him! He's not been riding great and I think he'd say that himself, I ride well round here and he's come in and shaken things up today. But you see it often before when people are not really in contention, not in the hunt any more and are able to put in a strong performance. You have to take your hat off to him and I'm sure he wanted to win, but I'm a tough old boy - I wanted to win too. A podium and a top step means a lot to me - I've got the red plate and I think a 56 point lead so it's stretching out nicely. "

Jeffrey Herlings: 1st MX2

"Many things have changed since I was here last. Two years ago when I came I was hated when I was running against Tommy Searle, but I've got the respect back from the fans and it's really nice to come over and race here. Obviously at Matterley I didn't win but I had a great time and I've been able to come here and get the wins. I like the track and I like the crowd here at Hawkstone.

"Because of my injury over the winter we didn't have so much time for testing and development so it's good to get some time away from the GPs that we can use to test different things and different set-ups and I think the bike got better and better through the day. We've still got a lot of testing to do and this gave us three full motos to try out different settings in a proper race setting, so it makes a lot of sense to be here.

"It was good battling with Max - he's really fast and probably one of the best sand riders anyway. That's why he won at Lommel last year, although I wasn't there. But I've had a great day and enjoyed racing here. It's a lot different to how Maggiora will be next weekend but it's all good practice for me, we came here and we won all three motos.

"Racing always brings a bigger risk than training, but you just have to put that to one side. Last year I broke my femur at a charity race, which cost me the championship, and it's always possible to pick up injuries, but you can't let that stop you. This event was effectively training for me - we had a free weekend, there was no racing in Holland, the organisers asked me to race and for KTM it was good so that's why we made our way over to race in the British championship. "

Steven Frossard: 2nd MX1

"Today was good - I got some good starts and my feeling was much better on the 450. I only changed the bike one week ago so I haven't had much time on it to train and get used to the bike, but it is definitely much better for me and I'm happy with my results. I asked the team to change to the 450 a long time ago, but we only changed just before the last GP

"The bigger bike is a completely different to ride and I got arm-pump in the first moto, but I enjoyed the racing today. I felt I'd got back my speed today so we will have to see what I can do now for the rest of the season."

Max Anstie: 2nd MX2

"I gave it everything I could today, but Herlings was just straight up fast and just pounding out the laps. I was consistent today, which is all steps in the right direction. We've got a load more Grands Prix to go, a lot more races to do every weekend so it's just a question of plugging away and getting as many points as possible.

"It's nice that the consistency with myself and with the bike is there now and I'm in the position to keep putting in the results. It's definitely good mentally to have that consistency back, to be there every week and be climbing my way up the table rather than going backwards in both championships.

"It was a good day today, and I was pleased that I could stay with Jeffrey for as long as I did - It's always good to learn, to see what he is doing. There's not many opportunities I've had to see that, to be able to follow him and see what he does differently.

"I love Hawkstone - I've been here a couple of times before and it's a nice track and I'm looking forward to Blaxhall at the next round - I've never ridden there before and it sounds good."

Tanel Leok: 3rd MX1

"I felt that I could have done better today. In the second race I didn't have a good start - my riding was good but I'd lost so much time at the beginning of the race it was hard to make that up. In the last moto I had a mechanical problem but I'm on the podium again so that's what matters.

"At the last round I was still suffering with problems with my ankle. That's OK now but my knee is not so good - I've twisted in and torn ligaments. It's no so much of an issue but I still wish I could have pushed a little bit harder."

Steve Lenoir: 3rd MX2

"I managed to keep the red plate today so that is good, but I lost some points, which is not so good. I did my best but the two in the front - Max Anstie and Jeffrey Herlings were so fast it was ridiculous - maybe three seconds faster than the 450s.

"I'm happy, but I made a couple of mistakes in the last one which cost me third place to Davy Pootjes, but I thin we've done the best job we could. I'm trying to keep on the podium and keep in front of Max but we'll see.

"Hawkstone is not my favourite track but today it was nice - it got really gnarly by the end of the day and they did a good job here - I'm pretty happy with how I rode here, but give me Foxhills every time! When the tracks are harder I'll be more confident as it's so far away from a usual French track, but to do well in the British championship you have to be good on every surface, so you have to work on your weak points to have success.

"The year is going well for me - it's my ninth podium in a row with no bike issues so I have to be happy with that. I feel pretty strong and if Max wasn't in the championship I would for sure be the best, but he is and we have to deal with it. He's one of the best in the world championship and he brings up the level of the competition for everybody, which has to be a good thing."