Tim Gajser got it all wrong in the first race at the Czech GP, slamming into the side of the track and taking out Jeremy Seewer who had nowhere to go. He nearly took Valentin Guillod too, as Seewer's bike came perilously close to cartwhheling into Guillod's bike. but the Yamaha man managed swerve to avoid the incident. Guillod went on to finish second behind Max Anstie, whereas Gajser came in 33rd, nine laps down.

From being in the best position to inherit Jeffrey Herlings red plate, Gajser seems to be doing a good job throwing that advantage away. After the Latvian GP, the Honda rider had a 25 point lead, but after Loket his tenth place finish and Guillod's win has left the two on equal points at 399, with Pauls Jonass just ten points behind. This one crash could be the difference between the world title and 'close but no cigar', and Honda's best chance to win the MX2 championship slipping away.

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