Great Briton Shaun Simpson celebrated his first double win in the MXGP class and said: "This has been a long time coming. I got close in 2009 in the sand at Valkenswaard but burned out in the second moto. I always think about that. So I wanted to grab this chance and there was no way I was going to let it slip.

"In the second moto maybe I wasn't the fastest rider but I planned it so I could go the whole distance. What wasn't to plan was crashing after the big quad jump. I landed in some soft sand and highsided. I've never got up so fast and nearly burned the clutch out getting back going. And I did the last two laps with my peak in front of my googles so I felt like a right goon!

"Today was the roughest I've seen Lommel as they prepared it softer than when we practice here. It was real motocross with plenty of bumps, plenty of places to pass, guys doing sprint laps, guys burning out - something we don't get to see very often. But it was totally enjoyable for me.

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"Last year Gautier Paulin was first to jump the big quad and I did it too. It was harder this year especially yesterday in qualifying. I reckon it saved 1.5secs per lap. Even when I crashed I carried on doing it.

"And thanks to my dad Willie. The old boy works his socks off! He's cool and calm on the outside but stressed. Yesterday he went back to workshop and fully stripped the engine until one in the morning. It's as much has win as mine."

Honda's Gautier Paulin took two runner-up places in the MXGP class. He said: "We train here all the time but the track was tough. I hurt my right knee in Loket last week and yesterday was tough in qualfying. This morning I was more tired than after a typical GP.

"Shaun deserved this win. The only way to try to beat Shaun was to go for it. He was 4s behind me but he continued pushing. I didn't want to hurt myself but pushed until the last lap. I had to ride with the head and I did it."

Romain Febvre took third and retained the red plate in the series. He said: "I'm happy this year. In moto one I felt really good and got close to Shaun but I crashed. Then after two more laps I crashed again. So I used a lot of energy to get going again. I caught Gautier but I coudn't pass him.

"In moto two I had holeshot again but my legs couldn't do any more. Two thirds is a positive result for the team."

In the MX2 class it was Brit Max Anstie who took a stunning double win, a week after crashing out of the lead at the Czech GP. He said: "I haven't ridden here since last year so I had to learn fast. I know how I want to feel so had to search with the settings on the bike.
"In Latvia it was really nice to go 1-1 as it was my first double win but it felt easier than here. It was very physically demanding and I've raced 12 weekends in a row and top it off with this one.

"One thing I've learned this year is that you don't have to win every race. The 450 world championship is wide open and just you have to be there every race. "

KTM's Pauls Jonass was second and took the series lead. He said: "I didn't know I had the red plate, even when I got on the podium - but it's a nice feeling. I never expected to hold it this year. It's my first full season and it feels very good. Max was really strong though, and the track was rough. I tried to stay focused and not make mistakes.

Petar Petrov took third - his first ever podium finish. He said: "It's a great feeling. It's 30 years since a Bulgarian was on the podium and it's so great."

It was more success for the Brits as Brad Anderson won both EMX300 races. He said: "In first race the bike started spluttering. I pulled over and revved it so it cleared. I did a slow lap and it cleared even more. There was some water in the quick fill so I was lucky to come through from that far back and win on the final lap.

"In race two I saw the fast lads were putting hot laps down and I thought they'd burn out. So with five laps to go I put the hammer down and put some fast ones in. In future, the 300 is something I'd like to do. "

Marco Maddii won the 300 title and said: "It means a lot to win. Last year I got second. In hard pack race, I won in Italy and Sweden. I'm not the best on the sand. I felt the pressure and didn't want to make mistakes. And around here that's when you start to make mistakes. The track was rough and I'm so glad my race was early in the day."

Brit Jack Bintcliffe took a double win in the 150s and said: "I'm over the moon. I love sand so it's great to come here. It's am amazing weeknd. I've only been riding three years and it's been amazing to be part of a great weekend for British racing."