If there's one thing that former Supercross champ Chad Reed loves to do, it's to keep people guessing what he's up to and give big hints away on social media. Well, he's at it again. The Aussie has posted a shot of a 450 Yamaha that he says he's been riding with Kyle Chisholm at Reed's own track. Reed said: "Was a muddy one today! Tried showing Kyle Chisholm the fast way around the 22 compound. Changed a tire, air filter and washed err after. Ready for motos tomorrow!"

Reed recently posted a tightly-cropped action shot of him on a Yamaha too, saying it was "Throwback Thursday". Except it wasn't an old shot from his Yamaha years, as he was wearing new kit. So expect the former Kawasaki rider to be Yamaha-mounted when he makes his racing return at the Monster Cup in Las Vegas in October.

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